Relive the best style moments from Derby Day: Shot on Google Pixel 2 Posted by ELLE Australia on Saturday, November 4, 2017 Kicking off the Melbourne Cup Carnival in style, Derby Day undoubtedly delivered on the elegant black-and-white style brief. But it wasn’t just the dresses, tailored jumpsuits and chic outerwear that caught our eye at

Getty Don’t get us wrong, we love a good beauty hack. Some ideas are genius and you can get amazing results. But sometimes you can take a hack too far, and it can go seriously wrong. Here, we’ve rounded up seven Pinterest beauty DIYs that are actually DON’TS. 1. Making eyeliner out of crushed Oreo cookies It’s

YouTube / Natasha Lee It’s almost the end of 2017, folks, and if there’s anything I learned it’s that the love of watching popped pimples has not wavered over time. Dr. Pimple Popper will be employed forever due to society’s disgusting curiosity and weird satisfaction from watching pimples/cysts/blackheads/milia get popped. This is the world we live

Because few things are worse than a bad dye job. Getty Images A new hair color can really make a statement—for better or for worse. Sometimes a dramatic change (like say, switching from brunette to platinum blonde) can help refresh your look and make you feel more confident and more “you.” But other times, if that color

Debunking beauty hacks

by Sanaya Chavda / Thursday, 02 November 2017

Experts weigh in on some common skin and hair care solutions made popular by bloggers. You’ve probably seen the YouTube videos or checked the Instagram posts — there are various beauty hacks that bloggers and even models swear by. But while they appear to be an easy and often cheap solution, do they work and

The end of the month is approaching, and beauty addicts everywhere are feeling the pinch after binge-shopping during festive season and liberally shelling out money for make-up. But such extravagance can only go so far; a zero-balance bank notification will arrive if we don’t employ some hacks to make the most of our make-up products.

Nichole Herrera, a manicurist at Artistic Nails in Corpus Christi, Texas, has gained overnight fame for her insanely elaborate glow-in-the-dark “The Nightmare Before Christmas”-themed nail art. Nichole Herrera Nichole Herrera of Corpus Christi, Texas, went viral with this Halloween-themed glow-in-the-dark manicure. When she first started doing nails, “they were horrid,” Herrera, 29, told ABC News.

October 31 is a bittersweet day: You spent the entire month prepping by creating pumpkin decorations, turning your athleisure into costumes, and getting in the spooky mind-set, but basically you get only one night (or a full weekend, if you’re among the ambitious) to go totally HAM on Halloween. But you know how you can celebrate the spooky season before the

So here’s the rub: Halloween has the tendency to completely sneak up on us. Yes, subconsciously we’re aware the seasons are changing—the days, longer and our coffees, warmer, but somehow each and every year, we find ourselves in a disheveled state of panic the week prior to Halloween. And though you’d think we’d learn our lesson, what

There’s not much that is very spooky about Mexico’s Day of the Dead celebration — unless you count its true significance getting lost amid the makeup mayhem. A beauty fiend myself, I am in sheer awe of the skeletal masterpieces many makeup artists create for Day of the Dead. But I also shudder when I