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These are so cute, even your mom won’t hate them. Let me guess, you took a late-night deep-dive into the photo vortex of Pinterest and now you cannot stop thinking about getting a new piercing. I feel you, girl. And so do your favorite celebs. Before you book an appointment at your local tattoo parlor

 If Instagram existed in 2001, photos of Bratz dolls would have filled our Explore feeds. They had street style that was always on-trend, experimented with bold shades of eye shadow, and wore the most attention-grabbing, high-shine lip gloss. Maybe that’s what revived the trend of re-creating the Bratz-inspired beauty looks with the hashtag #BratzChallenge. The

  Image Source: Instagram user misspopnails  Elevated, vibrant, and surprisingly easy to DIY, this year’s biggest nail art trends give us everything we want. With the help of two of our favorite nail pros, we’ve put together 2019’s biggest nail trends. Let celebrity nail artists Miss Pop and Gina Edwards take you through all of

It has more than 2,000 comments already. It’s officially a new year, which means every single person you’ve ever known is either reinventing themselves, disciplining themselves, or, in Kesha’s case, accepting themselves. On Tuesday, the 31-year-old singer posted a makeup-free selfie to Twitter and Instagram, vowing to love herself and let her freckles “liiiiiiiive.” “This

Glitter can be a hard accessory to pull off. However, when done right/worn well, it not only looks age-appropriate, it’s sure to cause a few heads to turn-slash-serve as an instant conversation starter. “Confidence is also key when it comes to wearing glitter, so add shimmer to accentuate whichever feature you love most and then

  Image Source: Instagram user kristin_ess  Cutting inches off your hair can be, in a word, cathartic. In multiple words, it can be exciting and dramatic and literally lift the weight off your shoulders. Whether you’re shooting for a drastic change in the new year or just hoping to change up your current look, going

Image Source: Everett CollectionMost men do it every day. Selena Gomez does it twice a week. Kim Kardashian goes five full days without it. (And we don’t even want to know Sophie Turner’s number.) How often you wash your hair, it seems, boils down to personal preference. Right? Not so fast. The answer to that

Whether it’s a regular occurrence or once in a blue moon, we’ve all been guilty of forgetting to remove our makeup before going to bed at some point or another, and it could be doing harm to your skin in the long term. If you tend to skip that important step at night, there are

In the video above, Beauty Smartie Maria Gomez walks you through four super easy ways to instantly make your lips look bigger. Whether you’re inspired by Kylie Jenner’s pout or just want to add a little volume to your lips, these DIY hacks will do the trick! And if you want to learn even more,

Lipstick is red, Rihanna’s eyeshadow was blue. Composite: Paul Zimmerman / Alberto E. Rodriguez Purple may have been the most popular eyeshadow color with Pinterest users, but blue has been a staple among numerous celebrities. From Millie Bobby Brown’s galactic-inspired coloring to Ashley Benson’s soft shimmer, it’s apparent that Hollywood doesn’t mind getting a little