Whether it’s a regular occurrence or once in a blue moon, we’ve all been guilty of forgetting to remove our makeup before going to bed at some point or another, and it could be doing harm to your skin in the long term. If you tend to skip that important step at night, there are

In the video above, Beauty Smartie Maria Gomez walks you through four super easy ways to instantly make your lips look bigger. Whether you’re inspired by Kylie Jenner’s pout or just want to add a little volume to your lips, these DIY hacks will do the trick! And if you want to learn even more,

Lipstick is red, Rihanna’s eyeshadow was blue. Composite: Paul Zimmerman / Alberto E. Rodriguez Purple may have been the most popular eyeshadow color with Pinterest users, but blue has been a staple among numerous celebrities. From Millie Bobby Brown’s galactic-inspired coloring to Ashley Benson’s soft shimmer, it’s apparent that Hollywood doesn’t mind getting a little

Graeme Montgomery The moment that Rihanna entered the wide world of beauty vlogging, we knew something terrible was going to happen. We simply don’t deserve to watch Rih put on a black lip in one swipe. The other proverbial beauty shoe had to drop sometime. The Internet giveth, and the Internet taketh away — and today,

Flawless skin, right this way. Luxy/Getty Images Regardless of whether you’re having a great hair day or crushing it at work, one bad breakout can completely change everything. Not only are pimples incredibly inconvenient and totally unapologetic about it—as evidenced by the multitude of zits camping out on my right cheek—they can also be really

 When it comes to a Halloween makeup look, some people like to go over the top with planning while others like to make a costume decision an hour before leaving for the party. If you’re in the latter group, you’ve come to the right place. Just because makeup ideas are easy doesn’t mean they have

Image Source: Unsplash / Marvin Mayer Landing on a Halloween costume can be an impossible task, especially when you love makeup and want to try it all. If you haven’t quite decided which costume will suit your mood this year, consider following one of these makeup tutorials, explaining cosmetic trends throughout the decades. That way,

Halloween is just around the corner and if you’re one of those who just can’t deal with shopping for a costume or making your own, don’t fret. You can still get on with the celebrations without being called a party pooper — all you need is the right makeup. Yes, if you’ve mastered contouring, winged

  Image Source: Instagram user kaylahagey  We all remember the Mean Girls Halloween party scene, where Cady Heron misses the memo (or, more accurately, gets some misdirection) and shows up to Chris Eisel’s Halloween party as a corpse bride. Well, when it comes to Halloween, we don’t think the Cady Heron vs. Regina George debate

 Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande are definitely onto something with their go-to hairstyles. The sleek, sky-high “snatched ponytail” isn’t just good for flicking over the shoulder (although props for hair that can also be an absolute mood), but it can also make you look younger. That superslick pony and tight hairline “snatch” your face, giving