This time of the year, regular coffee is fine, iced coffee is great, but cold brew is everything—and I’m not just talking about the drink. Have you ever stared into a glass of the good stuff and admired how beautifully the colors transition from a dark espresso shade at the bottom to a lighter shade

You might think you have a sweet tooth, but we’ve found some makeup enthusiasts who could have you beat. Beauty fans are taking inspiration from their favorite Halloween candy and including those color palettes and textures into their makeup looks — and the results are just as fun as they are creative. From rainbow eye

We’ve all been there, tbh. Maarten de Boer After three seasons of sporting Betty Cooper’s infamous ponytail on Riverdale, Lili Reinhart has shared one of the hardest parts about being Betty. As it turns out, her character’s signature hairdo doesn’t provide much in the way of comfort when it comes to on-set naps. As Riverdale

One of life’s most annoying makeup occurrences is mascara smudging down your entire face. All of that under-eye concealer gets ruined and the perfectly fanned lashes are a mess. The obvious solution would be to just use a waterproof mascara, right? Actually, your mascara may not even be the problem. Pixi’s global makeup artistic director

Paying attention in science class has never been more useful. During festival season in April, “pipe braids” were *the* trending hairstyle that took over Instagram. Now, it seems there’s an equally mesmerizing braid that has found its way into your social media feeds: appropriately named the “DNA braid” thanks to its twisted helix design that

  Finding your perfect foundation shade isn’t always the easiest task, especially if you’re not sure of your skin’s undertones or even where to test out various shades to find your perfect match. Another thing to keep in mind? There’s almost always a certain degree of color variation between a freshly-applied foundation and what it

This girl boss is killing the game. With seven million video views per month, YouTuber and beauty influencer Tina Young, 27, has one of the most coveted channels in Australia. The social media sensation is also one of the most down-to-earth gals going around. We chatted to her on set of her recent cover shoot

You may not think a lemon or mustard hue could look anything but sickly on the skin, but get this: yellow blush is here, and it’s surprisingly wearable. Not only is the high-fashion look versatile, but it also looks flattering on a range of skin tones. You can wear it with a coordinating yellow-orange eye

Welcome to the future, where even an eye infection can be chic. Amanda Seyfried is in Stockholm to premiere her new movie, Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again, but was afflicted with an unfortunately timed eye infection right before the red carpet. With the help of makeup artist Mary Greenwell, however, Seyfried found a way

Instagram is filled with some seriously talented makeup artists. And we’re not just talking about those people who can whip up a mesmerizing beauty look in minutes. There’s another crop of artists, such as Australian makeup artist,Theresa Nakhoul who can seriously give herself the title of painter, sculptor, and all-around cosmetics maven. While she totally