Halloween 2017 is approaching, and if you’re still brainstorming creepy costume ideas (but don’t want to be one of hundreds of Pennywise figures roaming the streets), take a cue from American Horror Story. Unlike It, AHS offers plenty of terrifying seasons — and therefore, way more looks to recreate. And recently, one makeup artist copied

Here’s how you can get the festive look with less effort using your powerful lipstick! This Diwali, looking boring is strictly not allowed. And if you are a lazy girl, you should know that your lipstick has a lot of power and can do a lot to enhance your whole look. You can really rely

  Nails by Cambria Instagram (Photo courtesy: AFP Relaxnews/ Instagram/ @nailsbycambria) Halloween is almost here, and beauty fans are turning to social media for spooky nail-art inspiration — of which there is plenty, particularly on Instagram. Here are three ideas to get you started for the spooky season. Spiderwebs Cobwebs are one of the easiest

Halloween is fast approaching and coming full speed ahead. Your last year’s costume was fuego, but you’ve already done Harley Quinn, Tinkerbell, a unicorn, and a ketchup bottle. How can you change it up? You know it’s a sin to repeat the same outfit, so we’ve collected a plethora of makeup looks to inspire you for this

Thanks to the box office success of It, clown makeup is no longer confined to children’s birthday parties. Makeup inspired by the movie’s main character has officially taken over Instagram feeds and Pennywise clown suits have become the most sought-after costume for 2017. Come October 31, you’re bound to see more clowns than you’re comfortable

Incorporating runway trends into our daily lives can get tricky, but this season some of the most epic styles we spotted on the catwalk came in the form of nail art. Now, more than ever, designers are recruiting top manicurists to deck out digits. So before your next mani, check out the most in-demand nail artists

For some people, Halloween is on October 31st and only October 31st. But for a whole lot of other more imaginatively inclined folks out there, Halloween begins when the calendar turns from September to October. We certainly feel that way here at Nerdist; it’s why we celebrate Nerdoween all month long. Now, thanks to Mashable, we’ve

Halloween is a great time for experimenting with spooky makeup — and it’s also a good time for spooky pranks. Or, if you’re clever enough, the two can be combined in an ultimate makeup-related prank, as one woman achieved when she terrified her boyfriend with her truly frightening makeup. Natalie Weaver, a UK-based beauty lover,

More often than not however, replicating a beauty blogger’s expert styling technique can be harder than it looks. With the rise of online beauty tutorials on Youtube and Pinterest, it’s now easier than ever to try your hand at a new hairstyle or makeup trend. More often than not however, replicating a beauty blogger’s expert

Wonder Woman is the ultimate badass who puts every male superhero to shame. And while we should all aspire to be as boss as she is, we may draw a lot of attention sporting a metal breastplate around town. Luckily, we can still channel her awesomeness with our nail art. Here are 13 “Wonder Woman”