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This Woman’s MAC Lipstick Sculptures Might Hurt Your Soul, but at Least They’re SO Pretty

by Nykia Spradley / Wednesday, 04 July 2018

Instagram is filled with some seriously talented makeup artists. And we’re not just talking about those people who can whip up a mesmerizing beauty look in minutes. There’s another crop of artists, such as Australian makeup artist,Theresa Nakhoul who can seriously give herself the title of painter, sculptor, and all-around cosmetics maven.

While she totally owns the face beat, Nakhoul also uses her artisty for something more fascinating. The Australian uses tubes of MAC lipstick to create masterpiece sculptures of things like a Ferrari, Louboutin heels (red bottom and all), and a six-pack covered torso. If that wasn’t enough, Nakhoul’s swatches aren’t just strips of pigment — she uses palettes to draw impressive and insanely detailed portraits on her arm. (If you need visual proof, check out this spot-on depiction of Titanic‘s Rose drawn like a French girl).

Despite her obvious talent, Nakhoul’s work has been met with a bit of backlash from Instagrammers who accuse the influencer of wasting makeup. One person asked, “Whyyy how could you” and another added, “This makes me mad idk why.” In her defense, Nakhoul actually depots the sculptures so she can keep using the lipsticks.

Regardless, she seems to be taking the criticism in stride, even adding it to her Instagram bio, which reads “Theresa Nakhoul Sydney Allegedly wasting makeup.” Either way, there’s no arguing that these creations are crazy-cool. See for yourself ahead.