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These six brilliant aspirin hacks will change your life! Use this drug commonly used for mild pain and fever to improve your everyday life. Aspirin is a pain reliever, used to treat mild pain, fever and inflammation. But did you know that the medicine can also be used in different ways in your daily life?

Courtesy of Instagram /@bodyelectrictattoo The first time we saw Brian Keith Thompson’s piercing-packed feed, we instantly fell in love with his work. From dainty cartilage piercings to his cool takes on the constellation trend, he clearly has a knack for body art. And we aren’t the only ones who think so, either; he’s worked with Beyoncé and Bella Thorne — and

If you want to make your dreams come true, it’s never too early to start. Evie Mitchell from Bellshill, Scotland, has launched a career as a budding famous makeup artist at just 5 years old by creating her first tutorial. Although it’s her first one, she pretty much has the lingo and the format down

Hint: It takes WAY longer than you think for that polish to dry. Getty Images There are few things more annoying than peeling nail polish. Seriously, you spend all that time on a meticulous manicure, just to have chipped and unsightly nails within days if not hours. Or heaven forbid you shell out for a some

Raise your hand if this sounds familiar: You painstakingly research what you think will be a holy grail beauty item only to find it doesn’t quite work with your skin type, tone or face. Hey, we’ve all been there. While there are some stores with good return policies, many times that facial cream or mascara just ends up

It was my first communion, and I wanted to look special. I’d never been to a hair salon, but after much begging, my mom took me to one in our small Canadian hippie town. I didn’t really know what I wanted. I was just happy to be there. The stylist kept feeling my hair, not

Jasmine Garnsworthy’s hair used to be limp and dry. Not anymore. Picture: Instagram @jasminegarnsworthy UNTIL recently, I never had particularly great hair. As the owner of ultrafine locks, I rotate between two hairstyles: Flat and limp, or dry and frizzy. I carry travel-sized dry shampoo in my handbag and apply hourly. And, judging by the

Are you looking for ways to smell nice throughout the day without a taking a shower? Check out these easy ways to smell good all day without a ton of efforts.   Have you ever faced a hygiene emergency? Well, some of you may have faced days when you have got somewhere to be but don’t have

The Colombian Tattoo Convention attracts thousands of people to the city of Medellin where they can mix with fellow lovers of radical body art. Famous performance artist Jacob Angel was pictured at the event today showing off his array of body modifications. Jacob – also known as the Angel of Death – was seen wearing

LUCIA PITTALIS has become a famous face on social media – in fact loads of famous faces. The Italian artist uses make-up to transform herself into stars including Pirates of the Caribbean actor Johnny Depp and rock legend David Bowie. Make-up artist Lucia Pittalis is a woman of a thousand famous faces   Here, MIKE