Image Source: Instagram user thirtyhair  We know that fine hair can be tricky to manage (and really hard to manage in winter!), but once you’ve got it under control, it can be gorgeous. Technically, “fine hair” refers to the size of each strand, so fine hair doesn’t necessarily have to be thin, but the

Ruben Chamorro When you’re out buying all your loved ones gifts this holiday season, grab yourself some nail polish while you’re at it because you’re gonna want to try at least one of these looks for your next holiday party. Nail art genius Madeline Poole, Sally Hansen’s global color ambassador, breaks down these seven festive

  Share via Pinterest Cristina Cianci Throughout my lipstick-wearing life, I’ve erred on the side of caution when it comes to shades—soft pinks and those demure nudes that, although they can be quite elegant, hardly turn heads. Red lipstick has always made feel extremely self-conscious, like a life-size caricature. It’s also daunting to apply and

  Image Source: Everett Collection  Scary movies are fun to watch any time of year, but there is really nothing like hunkering down to test your fear capacity around Halloween. Some people can only handle Freeform’s kid-friendly lineup of scary movies, while others go all out for AMC’s FearFest schedule. Whatever your taste may be

LISA O’CONNOR As you continue to contemplate your Halloween 2018 costume of choice, Pinterest has revealed what looks are the most popular among their users. According to the 2018 “Pinfrights” Report, the most boo-tiful searches this year include celestial-inspired makeup, costume and makeup ideas for Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas, ideas for how to

A post shared by Andrea Sopranzi (@andrea_sopranzi) on Mar 23, 2017 at 5:40am PDT Over the last couple of years, I’ll admit to becoming really obsessed with my brows. And not with the Instagram brow trend, but with big, full, fluffy and bushy brows. I’ve spent hours searching for Glossier Boy Brow dupes (convinced it’s

One Atalanta makeup artist has put her spin on Rihanna‘s September 2018 British Vogue cover. The singer’s statement-making cover was recently unveiled near the end of July and has spurred a conversation regarding the possible reemergence of thin eyebrows. Ariel Thomas, who goes by Jay Thomas on social media, felt particularly inspired by the look

In 2018 we’re getting wise, we’ve adopted the skin sandwich formula regime, we’re switching to brands that give a damn, we’ve opened up to the benefits of rose water and hair wipes are making our life absolute bliss, but we’re not all the way there when it comes to giving our hair the love it

It’s the chicest haircut around… Don’t waste time deliberating between keeping your long hair or getting a bob, the answer is easy: get a lob. Universally flattering on all face shapes, low-maintenance and versatile, it’s the chic cut beloved by celebrities and us mere mortals alike. We’re yet to meet a lob we didn’t like,

Savor the person you were before you clicked on this article because you will not be the same when you finish reading it. Rest in Peace to your previous self. This is a trend that looks like it came straight from a horror film and, thanks to BoredPanda, we get to suffer through it together.