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WHAT do you think of when you see this picture of Madonna and child? I see the beautiful loving bond between a mother and her daughter. Lots of people, however, saw something else entirely when Madonna posted it on her Instagram recently. Rather than beauty, they saw ugliness. Rather than a loving bond, they saw

Male grooming is now a multi-billion pound worldwide industry, thanks to a growing number of men spending more on their appearance. Face wash, moisturiser, pore strips and hair removal products are now commonly featured in many a man’s bathroom cabinet – and now also, makeup. Given that there is already a male Cover Girl spokesmodel, whole beauty sections

I can’t stop my body from changing—but I can change how I think about it. As a beauty editor, I’ve heard time and time again how everything slows down as we age: Cell turnover, collagen production, and skin elasticity are just a few things that begin to dwindle in your mid-twenties. I thought I was

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Beauty vlogger Nabela Noor shared an emotional makeup tutorial about self-love on Instagram. In the video, Noor uses makeup to write the words “pig”, “ugly,” and “fat” on her face, which are just some of the cruel names that people have called her this year. She proceeds to blend the words away and replaces them

At this point, it feels like if you’ve read one article of beauty tips, you’ve read ’em all. Of course, it’s for a reason—tried-and-true hacks like using a bobby pin for eyeliner and swatting down frizz with a dryer sheet do work—but they don’t exactly leave us excited nor do they inspire to go out there and make

Trending for 2018 is armpit hair. Yes, you heard right. Celebrity adopters include Lourdes Leon who is following in her mother Madonna’s footsteps and Kiersey Clemons. And they are not the only ones. Twenty-five percent of millennial women in the US has given their razors the boot when it comes to their armpits. And the trend doesn’t stop

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There are many reasons why air drying your hair is good — it keeps your hair healthy and strong and it allows your natural texture to shine through, among other things. With that said, sometimes your hair can take longer to dry than anticipated, leaving you with no other option than to go to sleep with

The week in celebrity Instagrams

by CHRISTINA KUNTZ / Monday, 11 December 2017

Rosiehw/INSTAGRAM.  Rosie Huntington-Whiteley does her best New Yorker look. In this week’s roundup of celebrity Instagrams, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley takes on New York, Kendall Jenner hits the ice and John Mayer heads home. Scroll down for our top picks. BELLA HADID TAKES THE WHEEL. I'm Back ❤️ A post shared by (@bellahadid) on Dec 4, 2017 at 3:52am PST

Right now, parents all around the world are quietly regretting their commitment to the Elf on the Shelf ritual. The relatively recent tradition involves placing a figurine of Santa’s ‘scout elf’ – a spy, essentially – around the house every day in the leadup to Christmas. I guess even the #elves are tired of 🎤#letitgo

How this future Royal went from beautiful to even-more-beautiful. Turns out, those whispers of a Royal engagement were actually true—Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are officially getting hitched! For real. Buckingham Palace has released a statement, and we can confirm there is a huge diamond ring on her finger. However, this isn’t Meghan’s first foray