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Image Source: Getty / Scott Barbour The early morning call of 10 a.m. on a Wednesday didn’t prevent Australians from coming together in their thousands to stand side by side, and am in arm, to watch the announcement of the result of the Marriage Equality Survey. When it was confirmed that there was a majority

Mornings are a painful thing. If getting out of a comfortable bed and facing the wrath of life is not bad enough, you also have to squeeze in 50% of the day’s work in two hours. From wrapping up pending work, to making and eating breakfast, taking a shower, doing your make-up, picking something to

I’ve been wearing glasses since third grade, and TBH the struggle is real when it comes to keeping them comfortable 24/7. From nose pinching, to behind-the-ear hurting, to slipping and sliding, to simply appearing crooked, the optometrist became my BFF when it came to eye wear adjustments. But, not to knock my eye doctor, but I

You lopped off four inches – here’s what to do next. You know that feeling when you first step out of the hair salon with a fresh, shorter cut? Skilled hairstyle pending, it’s pretty damn great. You probably organised a social engagement (lest that blow-dry goes to waste) and people make nice comments (usually). Yes, since