The Bratz Makeup Trend Is Sweeping Instagram Right Now and We Are Confused

by Jesa Marie Calaor / Thursday, 07 February 2019
Bratz Challenge 2019


If Instagram existed in 2001, photos of Bratz dolls would have filled our Explore feeds. They had street style that was always on-trend, experimented with bold shades of eye shadow, and wore the most attention-grabbing, high-shine lip gloss.

Maybe that’s what revived the trend of re-creating the Bratz-inspired beauty looks with the hashtag #BratzChallenge. The pictures range from faces painted with colors inspired by the authentic doll to full-on illustrations of its enlarged eyes and lips. To some, the looks may provoke a pleasant sense of nostalgia, while others may ask why this is a trend (considering the exaggerated features don’t quite fit on, erm, human faces).

Ahead, see people take on the #BratzChallenge.