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 If you’re looking for an incredible display of female badassery, then look no further than the Netflix original show GLOW. Likewise, if you’re looking for a totally badass Halloween costume, GLOW is also your answer. GLOW takes the Spandex and big hair of the ’80s and combines it with the glitter and glamour of female

It’s never a bad time to switch up your nail art; especially when Halloween is on the horizon and you need a mani to complement whatever costume you’re dreaming up. Though we rarely object to standard fall-friendly colors like yellow, brown and orange, this holiday calls for bold, bright and, dare we say, outrageous nail

As someone who’s covered fashion week in New York, Milan, and Paris for over seven years, I’ve come to expect the expected at NYFW: Lots of ponytails, lots of “undone waves,” and very little makeup. Filled with much sportswear than its European counterparts — and inspired way more by streetwear and our American obsession with

 If you’re looking to make your Halloween costume extraterrestrial (or just extra), then colored contact lenses should be your new best friend. Crazy contacts can take any ordinary costume to the next level with very little effort or cash — plus, there’s no better way to make your crush want to stare into your eyes

 Halloween might just be one night of the year but that doesn’t mean your themed manicure has to be. Whether you like to go all out with your costume with a coordinating nail art to match, or you like to keep it fairly low-key and let your digits do all the work, we’ve found some

“It was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen” We’ve all been there: You’re not at home and you need to put your hair up — but you don’t have a hair tie. And because the feeling of having your hair on your neck or in your face when you really don’t want it there is

A post shared by Stephanie Zwicky (@stephaniezwicky) on Jun 17, 2018 at 10:41pm PDT Over the years, the French girl has become synonymous with a frankly quite offensive (and irritating) cliché: tall, slim, and always put together with a touch of red lipstick and perfectly done-but-undone hair. Sure, some women do fall into this specific

The ponytail is to Ariana Grande what pin curls were to Marilyn Monroe, and there’s one person to thank for the former: Chris Appleton. The LA-based celebrity hair artist has worked his magic on Grande, Jennifer Lopez, and Kim Kardashian and is sharing, in his own words, exactly what that’s like. The following story was

InstagramJennaDewan A costume isn’t complete without the perfect makeup and hairstyle to match. That said, let the below 16 looks inspire you—or risk being asked, “Wait, what are you again?” all night long. 1. Medusa Because wearing rubber snakes as hair accessories isn’t exactly the easiest, start by separating your hair into multiple small sections

  Image Source: Getty  Kate Middleton is more than just a royal to beauty lovers, she’s a hair icon. For those who favor bouncy blowouts and intricate updos, the Duchess’s hair is always an inspiration. (Also, have you seen the volume in her ponytails?) Whether it’s her smooth, pin-straight style immediately after giving birth to