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16 Halloween Hairstyles That Will Win You Best Costume of the Night

by Lauren Adhav and Brooke Shunatona / Wednesday, 08 August 2018
A costume isn’t complete without the perfect makeup and hairstyle to match. That said, let the below 16 looks inspire you—or risk being asked, “Wait, what are you again?” all night long.

1. Medusa

Because wearing rubber snakes as hair accessories isn’t exactly the easiest, start by separating your hair into multiple small sections and styling them into messy buns. Then, weave the fake snakes through the bun loops, and you’ll be ready to turn people into stone with one look.

2. Marie Antoinette

If you have a teasing comb and a lot of hairspray, you can totally achieve sky-high volume like this. Add some ringlets and a few hair accessories, and you’re ready for the ball.

3. Black Panther-Inspired

Show your love for Wakanda with these amazing braids that are flawlessly adorned with gold hair accessories.

4. Wednesday Addams

Using liquid or gel eyeliner, create a Widow’s peak—if you don’t already have one—in the middle of your hair line. Then, part your hair down the middle, and braid the two sections into pigtails for a look that’s not only fitting for Wednesday, but every day of the week.

5. Queen Victoria

Channel royalty by creating a huge braided bun at the nape of your neck, add a crown, and watch everyone bow down because of how amazing your hair looks.

6. Rosie the Riveter

Whether you’re dressing up as Rosie the Riveter or a retro pin-up model, an updo with a red bandana will be a hit at any Halloween party.

7. Unicorn Pony Tail

Go all out with a silver glitter ponytail—complete with a giant unicorn horn—for a costume that’s the most extra in the best possible way.

8. Cat Ears

Who needs to buy a pair of cat ears at a Halloween store when you can make them out of your own hair?

9. Wonder Woman Waves

Using a large round-barreled brush and a de-frizzing product, blowdry your hair to get wavy, smooth hair fit for a Superhero.

10. Ice Queen Frosted Roots

This *chill* Halloween hairstyle is easily achievable with a lot of white hairspray and glitter.

11. Beyonce’s Braids in “Formation”

Simply braid your hair into pigtails, then add a hat and statement jewelry so you can twirl on your haters, like Queen Bey.

12. Lion’s Mane

Create volume by using texturizing sprays, scrunching up your hair, and teasing it back for a regal mane that will make you Queen of the Jungle.

13. Devil Horns

Halloween is supposed to be spooky after all, so transform you hair into devil horns with red extensions as accents.

14. Elf Pixie Cut

A pixie cut is the perfect way to show off your pointy elf ears!

15. Glitter Space Buns

If you want to dress up as an alien, galaxy girl, or Zenon, you need these glittery, colorful space buns.

16. Khaleesi’s Braided Look in Game of Thrones

Magical Khaleesi-inspired braids will make your whole Halloween costume look so on point. All your need is three dragons to complete your costume.