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It might be pouring cats and dogs outside, but the monsoon isn’t going to stop your from smelling if you are prone to excessive perspiration. While it’s important to choose perfumes wisely, here are some tips that will help the fragrance last longer… Use petroleum jelly To lock the fragrance of perfumes, apply petroleum jelly

Australian actress Margot Robbie is living a life few can imagine. She’s appeared in box-office smash hits like “The Big Short” and “The Wolf of Wall Street.” She runs production company LuckyChap Entertainment with husband Tom Ackerley. She is the face of Calvin Klein’s fragrance, Deep Euphoria. She hangs out with supermodel and fellow “Suicide

PHOTO: Flickr Ear piercing: the long-debated topic of any parent to little girls. Do you get it over with within her first few months? Or wait until she’s old enough to make the decision for herself? Whether you’re for getting it done as soon as possible or think it’s an antiquated gender norm, here are

“Pretty Little Liars” cast; PHOTO: Your free time this summer will most likely consist of plenty of backyard barbecues along with frequent trips to the beach. We bet you’ll also be catching a whole lot of Netflix and chill time — and no, you don’t need to be ashamed of it. To refresh your queue and add

This woman uses food as makeup

by Raquel Linerl / Monday, 03 July 2017

  (iStock) We’ve heard of women slathering avocado or Greek yogurt on their faces on the quest for perfect, smooth skin. But vlogger Ms Yeah has taken the idea to another level. Ms Yeah can create a perfectly contoured, painted face using Skittles, tomato sauce, glutinous rice flour and other pantry items, as seen on the Daily Mail

Photo: Getty Images It’s no secret that the Internet has a mystifying fascination with watching things in slow motion. From hot knives slicing through lip balms to swirls of slime and metallic makeup, slowing things down can put a whole new perspective on your feed. (In fact, we discovered this firsthand when we got behind

Picture the scene: You, on holiday, in a bikini that’s the perfect combination of effortlessly cool and entirely supportive (you haven’t found it yet, but you will. You will), sipping a piña colada, lounging on a deckchair and feeling the sun on your face. In this vision, is your face bare and primed for sun-protected

The effects of expired makeup may not be worth the risk. Take a gander into any woman’s makeup bag, and we can guarantee you’ll discover a cringeworthy hoard of years-old makeup. Whether we bought it because we didn’t know how to say no to the intimidating lady at the makeup desk or because we got

As living, breathing humans, we love a makeover. The transformation, the possibilities, the potential for a great montage soundtrack if life were a movie? The whole thing can’t be beat, especially if it’s on Bella Thorne’s Snapchat, the epicenter of rapid-fire beauty changes. Where last week she used the platform to casually rep her body

When it comes to taking care of our skin, sun damage is generally at the top of our concerns, but what about our hair? There’s nothing more frustrating than having brittle, dry, damaged hair after lying in the summer sun. Not to mention, the health of our hair says a lot about the health of