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Bella Thorne’s Hot-Pink Hair Color Is Straight Out of a Comic Book

by RACHEL NUSSBAUM / Friday, 16 June 2017


As living, breathing humans, we love a makeover. The transformation, the possibilities, the potential for a great montage soundtrack if life were a movie? The whole thing can’t be beat, especially if it’s on Bella Thorne’s Snapchat, the epicenter of rapid-fire beauty changes. Where last week she used the platform to casually rep her body hair choices, yesterday saw Bella snapping her latest hair move. She didn’t go bronde, ombré, or platinum—instead she went straight into the comic book palette with a vibrant magenta shade.

Bella’s no stranger to colorful hair land—in fact, we’d peg her as the prime minister of color in the celebrity hair realm. The lady’s like a hair-dye kaleidoscope, with her just-dismissed long blond extensions following a mint-green hair hue.

Count ’em: As of now, she’s been jet-black, blond, blue, red, red and green, brown, turquoise, and rainbow. A quick visual recap:


*do it for the photo* I’m super afraid of heights 🙀

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Little kiss for ya 😘 #happy #humpday #BMH1000times

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Rainbow dreams 💙💚💜❤️#happymonday

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Bye bye strawberry:) hello brownie 😌😍😘 #Latina #iamAlatina

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Rainbow girl 💜💚💙💛 #rainbow #hair #throwback #butitsnot #lol

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So the bar is very, very high for surprising—but that doesn’t make her new pink-red shade any less glorious. Just from the two photos she posted, her new look reminds us of Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Which is to say, we’re in love.


It looks like Bella went with dark-pink roots, while the rest of her hair is a My Little Pony–esque hot pink. This is no wig fake-out, either—Bella snapped a photo of her sister, Dani, at work with the dye brush. The following photo of her ends is captioned, “My whole head is this color…” We’re picking up some apprehension in those ellipses, a certain “well, this is what it is…” vibe. But we could just be projecting our own post-color adjustment feels.


Regardless, we’re excited for the Bella color stories coming our way. From her social media presence, she loves a full-on look, complete with turquoise liner, hot-pink lips, the whole nine yards. She’s never been one to play by the “only emphasize one feature…..or else” rule, and TBH, it’s pretty inspiring.


Blue is ze warmest color💙 #yungsmurf

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