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For some people, Halloween is on October 31st and only October 31st. But for a whole lot of other more imaginatively inclined folks out there, Halloween begins when the calendar turns from September to October. We certainly feel that way here at Nerdist; it’s why we celebrate Nerdoween all month long. Now, thanks to Mashable, we’ve

Halloween is a great time for experimenting with spooky makeup — and it’s also a good time for spooky pranks. Or, if you’re clever enough, the two can be combined in an ultimate makeup-related prank, as one woman achieved when she terrified her boyfriend with her truly frightening makeup. Natalie Weaver, a UK-based beauty lover,

More often than not however, replicating a beauty blogger’s expert styling technique can be harder than it looks. With the rise of online beauty tutorials on Youtube and Pinterest, it’s now easier than ever to try your hand at a new hairstyle or makeup trend. More often than not however, replicating a beauty blogger’s expert

Wonder Woman is the ultimate badass who puts every male superhero to shame. And while we should all aspire to be as boss as she is, we may draw a lot of attention sporting a metal breastplate around town. Luckily, we can still channel her awesomeness with our nail art. Here are 13 “Wonder Woman”

Getty Images/Josiah Kamau When it comes to Halloween costume ideas, we often look to celebrities for some major dress-up inspo. And even though the Hollywood set gets to walk the red carpet in elaborate ensembles more than just once a year, Halloween is still just as fun for them as it is for us mere

Lauren Curtis has in excess of 3.6 million subscribers on YouTube and 1.5 million followers on Instagram, so we’ll take all the advice we can from this homegrown expert. Photos: Instagram @lozcurtis It’s not an exaggeration to say Lauren Curtis is a serious celebrity in the sometimes saturated world of beauty vlogging (and outside it,

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us the best TV-themed Halloween costumes they’ve ever had. Here are the ones you’ll wish you thought of: 1. Kristen Wiig’s iconic SNL character, Dooneese: / NBC —bradc48123bbab 2. Kim Possible: —sabrinanicoleb3 3. Lisa Simpson as the state of Florida: / Fox —suem40b2c9508 4. A

It’s the creepiest time of the year, and if you love Halloween like we do, then you’re trying to celebrate in any way possible! Though you may not be able to wear a full costume to work every day, you can definitely sneak a little spook into your style with some killer nail art. We’ve

Stuck for a costume idea? Well fear not… Pinterest has revealed the biggest looks of 2017 to help you get those creative juices flowing. Some of them will surprise you, others not so much. Last year was the “year of the Harley Quinn” so it is no wonder another blockbuster film has taken over number

So you want to try out a new makeup look for Halloween but don’t fancy months of SFX practice? Fear not, spooky spirits! We’ve compiled some of the most effective Halloween makeup ideas that are actually easy to re-create at home. From the rainbow Snapchat filter to a comic book, you’re sure to impress at