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This Is The Simple Way To Style Short Hair At Home

by Ashleigh Austen / Tuesday, 30 May 2017

You lopped off four inches – here’s what to do next.

The Lara lob. Image: Coffin

The Lara lob. Image: Coffin

You know that feeling when you first step out of the hair salon with a fresh, shorter cut? Skilled hairstyle pending, it’s pretty damn great. You probably organised a social engagement (lest that blow-dry goes to waste) and people make nice comments (usually).

Yes, since Lara Worthington debuted her ‘shaggy lob’ (a messed-up, long bob), we’ve been screenshotting snaps and taking them to salons across the country to emulate her lived-in, textured ‘do.
But what about when it’s time to give it a wash – and you’re on your own? We asked celebrity hairstylist and Oscar Oscar salon owner Paloma Rose Garcia for the short story on styling shorter hair.

Step 1

Apply a style and heat protectant through freshly washed hair. Then part your hair to the side or in the middle, to suit your style.

Step 2

Using a good quality hairdryer, blow-dry hair with a medium round brush until it’s completely dry.

Step 3

Starting at the hairline, grab sections of hair roughly 3cm by 3cm apart. Beginning with the roots, place a straightener vertically or tilted sideways. Wind the hair in a full rotation around the straightener and then carefully pull the hair through. Make sure you aim to leave roughly 2cm at the end of the hair. This will create soft and natural waves, which keeps it looking lived in.

Step 4

Repeat around the head, grabbing random sections of hair.

Step 5

Tip your head forward and brush through your hair to break up the waves using your fingers.

Step 6

Spray in some texturising product to add more volume to the roots and finish the look with hairspray.