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Image Source: Getty / Scott Barbour The early morning call of 10 a.m. on a Wednesday didn’t prevent Australians from coming together in their thousands to stand side by side, and am in arm, to watch the announcement of the result of the Marriage Equality Survey. When it was confirmed that there was a majority

Moss and Succulents from MakeupAddiction In case you’ve been living in a (moss-free) cave for the past year, allow me to let you in on a little trend: succulents are hot as hell right now. This could be due to the fact that these plants are seemingly immortal (I don’t remember the last time I

The A-listers donned their best gladrags for the magazine’s annual bash in New York. The A-listers glammed up for the Glamour Women of the Year awards (Image: Splash) Last night was the annual US Glamour Women of the Year Awards, and such event wouldn’t be complete without an array of super glam outfits for us

It’s the age-old beauty dilemma: get out of bed and wash your hair for silky tresses all day, or stay in bed for a few minutes more sleep and suffer the consequences of embarrassingly greasy locks. Now there’s a way that you might have both, with beauty experts revealing there’s a simple hack that seriously

There are lots of ways to celebrate being a Stranger Things fan. You could decorate your entire dorm room with Christmas lights to replicate the Byers’s living room, or you could eat Eggo waffles every day in honor of everyone’s favorite badass, Eleven. Or, as some fans have shown off on Instagram, you could dedicate

Say goodbye to dry skin, split ends and harsh eye makeup remover. Did you know there are 7 ways to incorporate coconut oil into your beauty routine? Sharing them on my channel using @koparibeauty coconut melt on – whats your favorite way to use coconut oil? #koparipartner A post shared by Marianna Hewitt (@marianna_hewitt)

Muslin cloth is getting all kinds of praise as an exfoliate while showing proof the traditional way of cleansing does not work. PHOTO| FILE The second part is the rise of double cleansing. This is inspired by Korean beauty culture. It turns out rubbing your face with foamy cleanser, splashing water then moisturising it. Double

It feels like we’ve been waiting just about a lifetime for a new season of New Girl — ever since that upsetting finale aired eight months ago. Luckily, the show will be returning for its last hurrah soon, offering up eight episodes to bid farewell to the coolest roommates we’ve known. And while we don’t know

With a face like Gigi Hadid’s, it’s easy to dismiss her makeup tips and tricks based on sheer genetics. The argument that any makeup style would look stunning on her, given her supermodel good looks, is just too logical to refuse. However, now that the model has launched her own collection with Maybelline, her beauty

Since she made a name for herself at age 28 with her critically acclaimed turn in Julia, Meryl Streep has had plenty of practice on the red carpet. Much like her performances, her style never misses. During her 40-some years in the public eye, the Academy Award–winning actress, who covers this month’s issue of Vogue,