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Gigi Hadid’s Tip For Achieving Perfect Winged Eyeliner Is Actually Genius

by Zoe Anastasiou / Friday, 10 November 2017

With a face like Gigi Hadid’s, it’s easy to dismiss her makeup tips and tricks based on sheer genetics. The argument that any makeup style would look stunning on her, given her supermodel good looks, is just too logical to refuse.

However, now that the model has launched her own collection with Maybelline, her beauty prowess is more legitimate than ever.

Hadid held a makeup masterclass in New York this week for a very select group of beauty editors, and at this class Gigi shared a few of her favourite makeup secrets.

Although the editors were not allowed to live-stream the interaction, one Glamour editor noted down Gigi’s tip for perfect eyeliner, and we think this might just become our new go-to method of application.

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According to Gigi, achieving the perfect winged eyeliner is all about the order in which you use your products. Glamour explained, Hadid begins with an eyeliner pencil and “lines her entire upper lashline. Then she uses the pencil to draw on her wings.” Once this is done, Gigi “drags the colour out into a sharp point with a cotton swab.” Next, Gigi goes over the eyeliner pencil with liquid eyeliner, to set the shape, and then “she swipes a Q-tip soaked in makeup remover underneath the line to get the precise, sharp liner you always see on her Instagram.” Et voila.
So there you have it, Gigi’s secret to a clean, sharp, perfect wing is a double dose of eyeliner. Who’d have thought it would be that simple?

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