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We Know We’re Calling It Early, But This Will Be Spring Racing’s Biggest Hair Trend

by POPSUGAR Australia / Tuesday, 24 July 2018

A great hair day can completely change your mood; a look so good it makes you want to snap it, post it, and tag it with #HAIRGOALS. In partnership with Hairhouse Warehouse, we’re here to help you replicate the season’s most Instagram-worthy looks, putting the right tools in your hand and breaking down the expert tips to DIY at home. Because good hair gets noticed.

Jasmine Sanders, a.k.a Golden Barbie, had the hair moment at this year’s Met Gala. Not only did her dramatic braid perfectly fit the theme, “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Church”, but her look took hair accessories to a whole other level, studded with real roses. When we saw it, we instantly fell in love and started planning special occasion outfits to match this very regal ‘do. But this braid looks far too intricate to DIY, right?


A scaled-down version of Jasmine’s breathtaking braid was surprisingly easy to recreate. Sure, it requires a little patience, but after a practise run or two you’ll have it nailed. With embellished hairstyles a clever alternative to hats and fascinators, we’re predicting that this look will be big come Spring racing season — here’s how to do it.

Embellished Braid


  1. Prep the hair with a heat protectant spray.
  2. Secure four small sections of hair with clear elastics, evenly spaced across the crown.
  3. Use a straightening iron, like MUK Style Stick, to create loose waves in the rest of the hair. Vary the size each time to create texture, you don’t want them to be too perfect.
  4. Tuck the end of a length of ribbon into the elastic of each mini pony. Wrap each ribbon down the length of the hair, securing with a clear elastic at the end.
  5. Take the ribbon-wrapped hair on the very left diagonally across the head, and secure with a pin on the right side. Depending on the length of the hair, you may need to repeat this again across to the left side, creating a zig-zag effect. Repeat with all four sections of wrapped hair, working towards the nape of the neck. Note: it might take a few pins to get the hair to stay put!
  6. Separate all hair into three sections (including the wrapped hair) and plait together, leaving a longer tail longer than normal.
  7. Take another piece of ribbon and wrap around the tail of your plait, securing with a clear elastic.
  8. Pull the plait apart with your fingers, thickening the shape of the braid.
  9. Embellish with as many flowers — real or faux — as you like! We used small fake roses secured with U-pins.
  10. Spritz with a finishing spray and tease out the tail of the braid for a textured look.

We Used

De Lorenzo Defence Extinguish Thermal Protection Spray ($27.95)

MUK Style Stick 230-IR Straightener ($199.95)

Matrix Style Links Texture Builder Messy Finish Spray ($26.50)

Carina wears Hansen & Gretel Top, coming soon.

Videography: Salt Studios.
Styling: Kate McGregor.
Creative Direction: Crystal Andrews.