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Diamonds are forever with new engagement ring piercing trend

by Fox News / Friday, 16 March 2018

If you’ve ever wanted an engagement ring, but find the band to be too cumbersome, then this style is for you.

The trend, which has reportedly been growing in popularity with millennials in recent months, involves getting a single diamond implanted into the skin of the ring finger.

The “ring” is placed with a dermal anchor. Unlike traditional piercings that go in one side and exit the other, to place a dermal stud, piercers must first remove a circle of skin with a dermal punch before using small forceps to insert a “dermal anchor into the resulting hole.” The bling is then attached to the anchor.

The painful procedure results in a “floating” jewel in the middle of the ring finger.

It may be a more permanent version than a typical removable engagement ring – as removing the piercings can be difficult and painful – dermal piercings can be rejected by the body or migrate as cells grow around the invasive anchor, leaving a circular scar behind.

However unusual, this isn’t the first time people have turned to more everlasting ways to show off their love. Tattoo engagement rings have proven popular in the past handful of years.

Though without the band, it is unknown how the stud will fit inside of an avocado.