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This Is 2018’s Latest Hair Trend, And It’s Not What You Would Expect

by Ana Eksouzian-Cavadas / Wednesday, 07 February 2018

The return of the perm.

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The ‘curly shag’ has been on the up-and-up of late, repeatedly featuring as a front runner when it comes to 2018 hair trends. And it doesn’t look like the cool girl cut going anywhere anytime soon.

Along with the return of this retro ‘do comes the reprise of a hair treatment we never thought would see the light of day again: the perm.

The resurgence of this popular ’80s and ’90s hair trend has once again piqued our interest after witnessing both Emma Stone and Jaime King happily bringing the style back, cementing it as the latest celebrity hair trend to try.

First perm since the 3rd grade! 💋

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To get the skinny on this new found interest in perms, we spoke to Dana Monkman of Toni & Guy to find out exactly how the modern perm process works, as well as the definite dos and don’ts when it comes to pre and post-treatment perm care.

“To begin the process, we set perming solution and our perming rods, which can vary in size depending on the tightness of the curl that you want,” says Monkman. “The time for this to set varies, and will depend on the curl and texture of the hair. We then rinse the hair and apply a second solution which sets the hair in shape. To finish, the rods are removed and the hair rinsed thoroughly”

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And how long can you expect your new curly locks to last? Monkman advises that, depending on the tightness of curl you choose, a perm can last anywhere from three to six months. Of course, the tighter the curl is to begin with, the longer the life of your perm will last.

We have seen the style pop up more and more as the warmer months have come along, so is this strictly a summer hair trend? No. “I see this as more than just a summer trend,” says Monkman. “Perms can be so versatile. Even by adding just some slight movement to super straight hair can make styling easier, so I think we will see them sticking around.”

If you’re now a perm convert, and are wanting to road test the curly shag, here are a few do’s and don’ts for nailing the modern perm:


“Make sure you stylist cuts your hair into a longer version of the shape you want,” says Monkman. “Curls bounce up so you need extra length to accommodate for the extra bounce!”


Cutting your hair after getting a perm can weaken the curl if you cut your hair post-perm.

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“Try to have your hair in the healthiest condition before you go for a perm treatment,” says Monkman. “A perm is still a chemical service and will make the hair feel drier, the better condition the hair is in before you start, the better the result.”


You CANNOT wash your hair for at least 48 hours following the treatment as this will lead to an uneven result.


“In terms of ongoing treatment, permed hair requires products similar to that of curly hair,” says Monkman. “I recommend the Label.M Treatment Shampoo and the Moisturising Conditioner. If you are having trouble with styling, Label.M Curl Cream is a great styling aid that will help define the curls and protect against humidity.”