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We likey. Famed Los Angeles piercer, Brian Keith Thompson who has worked with the likes of Jennifer Lawerence, Emma Stone and Queen Bey – to name a few, has predicted the biggest piecing trend for 2018 and we are all for it. He believes that the era of the navel and septum piercing is dead

It seems like, these days, barely anyone has a single ear piercing anymore. We’ve moved on from lobes and auricles to forward helixes, conches, rooks, traguses… if there’s part of an ear there, we’ll pierce it. (Of course, plenty of these piercings have existed in various cultures throughout history — but Westerners are just starting to catch back on.)

The piercing paradigm has changed, with secondary holes becoming so commonplace that jewelry designers are beginning to consider them a sales opportunity. Until recently, secondary piercings were a sentimental bonding exercise amongst young women or an opportunity to add some pizazz. But now, many girls receive piercings without emotional pretense — considering a new hole

Vanessa Hudgens is a busy star with a 24/7 career. So it’s no surprise that the actress-spokesperson-singer went for some extra energy Thursday, spotted carrying not one, but two iced coffees while leaving Alfred’s in Studio City. While grabbing her morning Joe, the 28-year-old starlet showed off her flat-as-can-be abs in a chic Adidas crop