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Watch Shay Mitchell’s Everyday Makeup Tutorial

by Marissa DeSantis / Monday, 04 September 2017


Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@shaymitchell

Navigating the beauty world can be confusing. Just ask Shay Mitchell. The former Pretty Little Liars star also has a lifestyle vlog, where she just tackled her first-ever makeup tutorial. But Shay isn’t your average beauty vlogger (though she does have a makeup arsenal to rival the competition).

Before the video even starts, Shay includes a disclaimer that she’s not actually a makeup expert — something she emphasizes throughout, poking fun at herself and also poking her eyeball a few times with her makeup brush. Ouch.

“I am all about trying different things,” Shay explains before she gets started on filming what she calls her “everyday makeup look.” And right from the first step, we knew Shay was a beauty girl after our own hearts. Grabbing her Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape Contour Concealer, which she says is “something I live by,” Shay haphazardly brushes it all over her face. Working her way through several concealers and foundations before she deems the coverage just right, Shay’s method of dabbing on more products without any real plan is basically us every morning.

As she continues, Shay shares expert tips from her makeup artist Patrick Ta. But it’s her own makeup theories, hysterical shade pronunciations, and analysis of truly weird makeup trends like baking that are totally relatable.

The end result is obviously stunning, though it also included ~wayyy~ more products than most of us are willing to commit to using in one sitting (24 in all. Plus some more brushes, but we lost count, TBH). Watch the whole video right here. Just maybe don’t try this one at home and wait for Shay’s future tutorials that she said will feature her glam squad.

SOURCE: Teen Vogue