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These Videos Of Beauty Vloggers Mixing All Their Foundations May Make You Try The Viral Trend

by Shea Simmons / Friday, 16 February 2018

SOURCE: Safiya Nygaard/YouTube

The internet is full of hacks (the life hack kind, though there are also the people kind). From contouring with knives to blending with eggs, there’s specifically a lot of weird makeup hacks, but the latest experimental makeup hack may actually be successful. Beauty gurus are mixing all their foundations together, and the results may actually surprise you.

Immediately, you may think that mixing multiple foundations seems like a great recipe for cake of the facial kind. But as it turns out, you may be able to get the best of all worlds when you combine different shades, textures, and coverages into one magically you foundation.

Where did this idea begin? Commenters on vlogger Laura Lee’s channel credited fellow YouTube personality Safiya Naagard with creating the swiftly becoming viral trend. In her original video, Nygaard took all of her foundations and combined them into a new bottle. As it turns out, she didn’t hate it. Also, as it turns out, other gurus don’t seem to hate the results of their experiments either.

It is important to note that YouTube gurus can have upwards of 100 different foundations making their blends a mix of shades, coverage levels, and textures. Their mixes are a bit more diverse than the average person, but seeing these 9 videos may just inspire you to try this viral trend yourself.

1. Safiya Nygaard

Safiya Nygaard on YouTube

Nygaard is the reported to be the original YouTuber for these videos. She crafted what she calls her “Frankendation,” and it’s definitely an appropriate name. Nygaard, however, wasn’t exactly disappointed in her monstrous creation. It turned out not to be that monstrous at all.

2. MannyMUA

Manny Mua on YouTube

MannyMUA loves full coverage, and he’s definitely honest in his reviews. What did he think about his creation? His thumbnail image says it all. MannyMUA is officially shook, but is it good or bad?

3. ThaTaylaaa

thataylaa on YouTube

If you’re looking for the ultimate science experiment, YouTuber ThaTaylaaa mixes together over 200 foundations! Yes, 200! While most will never own that many base products, seeing how so many work together is a fun.

4. LauraLee

Laura Lee on YouTube

Like MannyMUA, Laura Lee loves full coverage foundations, and with such high coverage, formulas typically run a bit thicker. How do they all combine? Not only does she give a first impression, but she also has a full blown wear test.

5. Nyma Tang

Nyma Tang on YouTube

Nyma Tang is basically the queen of foundation. Her channel has garnered a ton of attention for her “The Darkest Shade” series. Tang was concerned about the shade matching her because she has so many hues, but she was shocked by the result.

6. Alissa Ashley

Alissa Ashley on YouTube

Alissa Ashley took her own approach to the trend. Not only did she do her foundations, but she also mixed her concealers, blushes, highlighters, primers, and setting sprays. If you’re curious about how they all combine, this lovable YouTuber is your girl.

7. RachhLoves

RachhLoves on YouTube

Like Ashley, YouTuber RachhLoves did her own spin on the video. She did mix all of her foundations, but she separated them into drugstore and high end. If you’re a drugstore lover or a luxury user, you can get a sense of both.

8. Andrea Renee

Andrea Renee on YouTube

Andrea Renee mixes 12 of her foundations together after seeing others do the same. Like basically everyone, she’s blown away by the results she achieves with the concoction.

9. Casey Holmes

Casey Holmes on YouTube

Unlike other YouTubers, Holmes’ foundation shade didn’t quite work out, but the finish and coverage had her quaking.

Clearly, there’s a new trend in the world of YouTube beauty. If you’ve got a few foundations, a bit of time, and a wild streak, this experiment may create your new holy grail product.