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How To Be A Street Style Star For Halloween, Because You Too Can Be A Peacock

by Landon Peoples / Friday, 29 September 2017

Everyone knows the best Halloween costumes are the ones that both mock the cultural zeitgeist and are rich in references. Think: throwback ’90s moments and multi-layered puns. Want to be Anna Wintour? Instead, go as “Anna Wintour (Is Coming).” Looking to pay homage to Miuccia Prada? Meet Mew Mew, the Pokémon in bejeweled Miu Miu heels.

Come October 31, instead of digging deep into our style encyclopedias for a punny costume, we’re turning the camera on ourselves (and not just for a selfie). No, we’re not talking about a #shoefie or an #OOTD — hell, not even an #evachenpose. Instead, we’re taking to the streets of New York as parodies of the fashion editors, bloggers, street style stars, and influencers we are. And it doesn’t even require a Versace-level budget. (Though, we do suggest a sense of humor packed neatly into your Tom Ford alligator belt).
Here’s what you’ll need: Basically, anything that went viral this year (say, one of those IKEA doodads, a crystal-dipped bodysuit à la Rihanna, or a Moschino whatchamacallit), something politically-inspired, or anything from the juggernaut of celebrity fashion collaborations (i.e. Fenty Puma by Rihanna, Yeezy, or Tommy x Gigi). Put all of that in a blender, slap a CFDA x ACLU pin on it, et voilà, you are one of us.

And, if you’re still lost — or still brushing up on your fashion vocabulary — let the slideshow ahead serve as your starting point. So get in, loser (and grab your Olympia Le-Tan Meine Lieblingsmorde appliquéd cotton-faille clutch) — we’re going trick-or-treating.