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Neon Peach Hair Is A Thing This Summer & It’s Pretty Amazing

by MARLEN KOMAR / Monday, 17 July 2017

Not to throw shade on winter, but summer has the tendency to bring out the most fun of beauty looks. Bright makeup palettes are brought out from the back of bathroom drawers, neon lipsticks are thrown into bags, and colorful hair becomes the look du jour. That’s why the neon peach hair trend is going to give you life these next few months. It takes beauty lovers’ obsession with pastel hair colors and electrifies the hue to create an amazing summertime shade.

Allure first discovered the shade when they stumbled across Jessica Jewel, a Los Angeles–based hairstylist who custom-mixed the color at her salon, the Butterfly Loft Salon & Spa. According to Allure, she created this amazing color by specifically using Pulp Riot’s Neon Electric dye collection, but also first prepped the client’s hair with some platinum.

“She started by dyeing a customer’s virgin hair platinum blond, and then followed up by mixing two shades from Pulp Riot’s Neon Electric line — four parts Candy (a bright pink) and one part Lava (a striking orange). Once processed and rinsed with icy-cold water, her client was left with utterly electrifying strands,” PopSugar reported. The end result was an eye-popping hue that would make a highlighter look subdued.

If you’re itching to recreate this hue on your own locks, you’ll definitely have to go to a salon to achieve it, especially if you want to use Pulp Riot. “Pulp Riot is only sold to professionals, so you’ll have to make an appointment at a salon that stocks the Neon Electric collection to get this neon peach fantasy,” Allure pointed out.

While there are DIY hair colorants you can use at home — like Lime Crime’s Neon Peach dye — if you want results that last longer than a week you should go to a salon.

“Coloring your own hair can be risky business,” Sarah Ramos, the hairstylist and manager of MacKenzie Hair Parlor, tells Bustle. This isn’t just so salons can charge you five times more than an at-home kit; coloring your hair an electric shade (and expecting it to last) takes a lot of labor intensive steps that revolve around keeping hair damage down to a minimum. “To achieve a bright and vibrant color, the hair has to be decolorized with bleach first, then a second color is applied over the pre-lightened hair, processed, washed out and properly conditioned,” Ramos explains.  “At our salon we also use a bond rebuilder to strengthen and protect the hair from the color and bleach. Attempting to do this yourself at home with poor quality products will result in over processed and damaged hair.”

This means that your hair will end up being very weak, which will create split ends and have your hair eventually break off. In the end, Ramos warns, you’re actually not saving a ton of money because your next salon visit (after the damage) will cost you a lot more. “We beg you, please don’t try to color your own hair at home because you’ll just find yourself back at your salon getting your hair fixed by your stylist. It might seem like a good idea and a money saver, but in the end will damage your hair and the color will not last as long.”

If you want something temporary that will last a few days, go to town. If you want to rock the shade for a while longer, book that salon appointment. You won’t regret it.