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Easy hacks to keep your mascara from smudging

by Tania Tarafdar / Monday, 20 November 2017


The one reason why I always avoided using mascara is because I hated those black traces around my eyelids. I avoided it till the makeup artist put it on for me on my friend’s wedding. I loved the look and wanted to use it regularly. So, I got in touch with Nandini Agarwal, beauty expert from Marvie Ann Beck Academy to share a few tips for smudge-free mascara. These hacks worked for me. You can try it out too.

Use the mascara strategically
If you want to avoid all the smears, you need to opt for a waterproof formula that holds on to your lashes. However, applying a waterproof formula will require you to pull and rub the mascara out of our lashes in the night. If your lashes are long and constantly touch above your eyelids, then use normal mascara and touch up with the waterproof one on the tip of your lashes. That way there will be no mascara smudges on your lower eyelids when you blink.

Use a tubing formula
The tube formulas coat your lashes with polymers that stay on until you remove them physically with water. A make remover will not help you remove it. So if your mascara is smudge-prone, it can be good idea to use a tubing formula. Pick a formula that creates incredible volume and length and does not land up anywhere on your face.

Do not blink in the first minute
You may have a tendency to blink immediately after you apply mascara. Avoid doing that as the mascara is super wet in the first minute and can get everywhere around your lashes. The mascara takes time to set and try not to blink in the first minute to not have those black traces around your eyes.

Try using an eyelid primer
Using an eyelid primer can cut down on the grease on your eyelids reducing the likelihood of oil-inducing smears. An eyelid primer can make your eye look more awake and even out the tone of your lids.