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Diwali: Lazy girl lipstick hacks for a perfect festive look

by Shaloo Tiwari / Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Here’s how you can get the festive look with less effort using your powerful lipstick!


This Diwali, looking boring is strictly not allowed. And if you are a lazy girl, you should know that your lipstick has a lot of power and can do a lot to enhance your whole look. You can really rely on a few lipstick hacks to enhance your makeup so that you can go easy on the rest of the makeup. Here are a few hacks that really worked for me:

1. Go for dark colours: Dark colours give a lot more definition to your lips and your whole face. During the festive season if you are not able to do too much, opt for a dark lipstick for a complete look and divert all your attention to your lips.

2. Highlight your lips: Yes! It is probably the easiest thing to do to up your lipstick game. It is super easy and works on the same principle as you highlight your face. Use a lighter shade in the areas you want to bring forward (the tip of your pout) and a darker shade on the rest of your lips, the receding area.

3. Glitter your way out: If you are a lazy person glitter should be your best friend as little goes a long way. Put on glitter lipstick and you are more than ready to rock the festive season.

4. Glossy is the new matte: Gloss is back and is taking over the beauty world like never before. Adding a little bit of glossy lipstick is a great way to complete your festive look without much hassle. You then don’t need to do too much for the rest of your makeup.

5. Use a lip liner: Using a lip liner to make your lips stand out and will give your lips better definition. You don’t need to do anything after that, your lips will do the talking.

Image: Shutterstock