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Christmas Tree Eyebrows: Deck Your Brows For A Unique And Colorful New Holiday Fashion Trend [Video]

by Louise Bonquin / Monday, 11 December 2017

Christmas tree eyebrows are the latest craze in fashion started by a lifestyle vlogger. The style was quickly picked up online, and many are trying it out for the holidays.


Jesse Grant / Getty Images

Christmas tree eyebrows are the latest trend in fashion. As its name suggests, the look was inspired by the most joyous day of the year.

Just days after an Instagram user named Taylor R. posted a photo of herself with a “decorated” eyebrows, her image quickly become popular, and it was shared on different social media platforms. It is currently making rounds online, and people are copying the style.

Taylor R., who goes by the handle name @taytay_xx on Instagram, uploaded her photo and video five days ago. Since then, the short clip has been viewed by more than 200,000 people and many of them commented that her idea was truly awesome and very creative.

She captioned her trending video with a simple, “Christmas Tree Eyebrows are here.”

Taylor also encourages everyone to spread Christmas joy through their face. It appears that many were indeed inspired to try the unique style of combing the eyebrows to look like a Christmas tree and then embellishing them with tiny jewels.

As for Taylor’s own design, she parted her brows in a zigzag fashion then stuck some shiny trinkets on the edges of the “tree.” Of course, she topped her sculpted eyebrows with a gold star since a Christmas tree will not be complete without that topper.

Speaking to Insider, Taylor said that after lots of trials and errors, she can now do the whole process of decorating her Christmas tree eyebrows in minutes instead of a few hours.

“Now I could probably do it in 10 minutes because I figured out what products and techniques work best,” she said.

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With this new fashion of sculpting and decking the eyebrows for the season, surely it is not just the house that can be decorated with Christmas bling.

In any case, Taylor R., the person behind this trend, is a Canadian who is now based in Hong Kong. She is a vlogger who enjoys making videos about DIY projects, cooking, and anything about lifestyle.

The Christmas tree eyebrows design already attracted a good number of individuals. In fact, many women from various nations tried the new fashion and posted their own versions of the festive brow styles.

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Probably the most interesting design so far was an eyebrow that features a Christmas tree complete with gifts under its feet, and the body wrapped with functioning lights.

There are also others who tried a more subtle design, but they still look really nice nonetheless. Moreover, some just used makeup to have their own Christmas tree eyebrows, and apparently, it works that way too.

With people coming up with different ways to have their eyebrows dolled up for the holiday season, it just proved that creativity is the key to pulling off this new Christmas fashion trend.

Watch the video tutorial on how to get the Christmas tree eyebrows below.