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7 Pinterest beauty hacks that are actually dangerous

by Better Homes and Gardens / Monday, 06 November 2017



Don’t get us wrong, we love a good beauty hack. Some ideas are genius and you can get amazing results.

But sometimes you can take a hack too far, and it can go seriously wrong.

Here, we’ve rounded up seven Pinterest beauty DIYs that are actually DON’TS.

1. Making eyeliner out of crushed Oreo cookies

It’s true that some foods can be used for beauty products (think avocado, banana and egg whites), but a chocolate biscuit is not one of them. Crumbs will irritate your eye and could seriously scratch your retina. We recommend you stick to eating them!

2. Adding glow stick contents to your nail polish

All we can say is there’s a reason for the safety warning on glow sticks about avoiding contact with your skin. Steer clear at all costs.

3. Sticking lemon on your face

While many beauty products contain vitamin C, it’s combined with other substances and has been tested thoroughly. Applying lemon juice directly on your skin can cause irritation.



4. Using kitty litter as a face mask

While kitty litter contains clay moisture-absorbing properties, it also contains other chemicals which should not be used on your skin. Some things should only be used for their original purpose! Stick to store-bought clay-based masks, or at a pinch, make your own with oatmeal and water.

5. Using glue as a peel-off mask

Wait ‘til you try to remove it! And while it’s meant to remove blackheads from your skin, it could actually make the situation a lot worse.

6. Using a magic eraser to remove fake tan lines

The fibres in magic erasers are too abrasive for your skin, and will result in irritation or abrasions. Save it for your dirty walls.

7. Replacing eyeliner with a Sharpie

Apart from looking harsh, the chemicals in Sharpies should never come anywhere near the delicate skin around your eyes. You’ll also find that it’s difficult to remove!