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6 Ways To Do Dark Eye Makeup For Your Fierce Halloween Look

by Rachel Chapman / Friday, 29 September 2017

Before you know it, Halloween will be right around the corner. Needless to say, the pressure for your costume, or shall I say costumes, is totally on. Deciding on what you’re going to be this year is just as suspenseful as any horror movie. No matter what route you decide to go, you know you want to crush your look for your Halloween plans. If you’re leaning more towards a scary character (because after all, Halloween is all about letting the spooks fly), you can totally be an eerie creature of the night, like an evil witch, creepy skeleton, or fallen angel. We all know that no costume is complete without an awesome makeup look to pair with it. If you’re going for something dark and spooky, there are a bunch of awesome tutorials on how to do dark Halloween eye makeup.

Some say “the eyes are the windows to your soul,” so if you’re a character with absolutely no soul, you want your eyes to be as dark as the night. A dark makeup look can be a tad tricky to master, but these eight YouTube tutorials make it so easy to follow along, that it will be a treat practicing your skills. I may even be reconsidering some of my costume ideas for this year, so I’d be more than game to try out some of these cool looks. If you’re still on the fence about what you want to be this year, I hope these dark eye makeup ideas inspire you.

1. This Dark And Evil Fairy Is Mesmerizing

Fairies don’t always have to be pastel and sparkling from head to toe. Maybe I’m partial to this look because purple is my favorite color, but I think it’s fierce AF. The stunning dark purple glitter is just like twisted pixie dust all over your eyes.

2. A Fallen Dark Angel You’ll Fall So Hard For

This makeup look is probably the only time you’ll ever want to have your mascara running down your face. The dark eye contacts really add an extra creepiness to the overall look, but even without them, this makeup magic gets the job done. Put on your black wings, and you have the perfect fallen angel costume.

3. This Gothic Witch Is Here To Cast A Spell On You

This look utilizes drugstore products, so it’s cheap and you definitely won’t be killing your wallet. I don’t know about you guys, but I really love the moon on the forehead for the completed gothic witch look. Warning: Be cautious with using so much black makeup, because one mistake is a dark one. See what I did there?

4. This Pirate’s Makeup Is Complete With Beautiful Sequins

The sequins in the corner of this pirate’s eyes look just like the buried treasure you’re searching for. Who knew a little bit of bedazzled goodness would make a cool look like this one come full-circle? You could even incorporate additional gem colors if you’re the type of pirate who also goes after rubies and emeralds.

5. This Fortune Teller’s Look Is Beyond Magical

This makeup look has a lot going on with the colors and sparkles, but the more, the merrier. The teal green lip color really stands out with the dark purple eyes. Talk about magical.

6. A Versatile Look For Every Costume

If you’re looking for an eye makeup look that will work with any dark and spooky costume idea, here’s the perfect tutorial for you. When you think of Halloween, orange and black probably first come to mind, and this video features both of those colors. Pair your face makeup with a dark lip, and you’re golden.

SOURCE: Elite Daily