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How To: 6 expert winged eyeliner hacks to try right now

by Ana Eksouzian-Cavadas / Monday, 05 March 2018

Winged eyeliner is one of the hardest beauty looks to get right – but if you’re wondering how to do it well, look no further.

Beauty hacks can honestly be total life (and time) savers! When it comes to nailing some of the trickier beauty skills, such as applying the perfect fake tan, or perfecting your brow shape, any short cuts or simple tricks always make a world of difference when it comes to your finished product.

Here are a few tips we can share with you to help make sure the application process a tear-free experience!

Use A Makeup Remover Pad/Wipe

Reddit user MDL1994 shared her favourite winged liner hack, and it actually sounds pretty easy! To start, she applies what she calls a ‘messy wing’ to her eye. Then, she will grab a makeup wipe/remover pad, fold it to make a straight edge, and swipe the rough wing into a sharp edge. Note: she actually applies her winged liner before foundation, presumably to avoid removing foundation and/or concealer in the process.

Use a Cotton Bud And Micellar Water

There is many a hack for beauty staple, Micellar water, and perfecting a winged eye is one of them! Dip a cotton bud in some Micellar water to tidy up and sharpen your winged liner.

Use Tape

Because Reddit can be the ultimate treasure trove when it comes to makeup hacks, we’ve dug out one more quick and easy trick for a winged eye. User pittpanthermua recommends using a piece of sticky tape in line with your lower lash line to nail a sharp, precise winged eye. And you can feel free to be as messy as you want with this one, as the tape will keep your line in check and prevent you from applying excess liner.

Use Your Lower Lash Line As A Guide

If you’re not exactly sure about which angle your wing should be at, or you’re prone to uneven liner, you can use your eye itself as a road map! Use the angle of your lower lash line as a guide for your wing, and place a small dot where you’d like it to end. Then, go ahead and apply your liquid liner!

Use A Pencil Liner First

If you don’t have the steadiest of hands when it comes to applying liquid liner, Adele’s long-time makeup artist, and man behind her signature cat eye, Michael Ashton suggests applying your winged eye with a sharp pencil liner first. It’s a LOT easier to tidy if you’ve made a mistake!

Use A Winger Liner Stencil Or Stamp

If you’re not down to experiment with any of the previous hacks, there are a few products which will give you the perfect winged eye in just one step! Beth Bender Beauty’s ‘Eye Candy’ stencil adhere to your eye and provide the perfect cat-eye stencil, so all you’ll have to do is fill it in, peel it off, and voila!

VampStamp’s VaVaVoom Stamp also promises the perfect winged liner in a single step. Grab your stamp, dip it in your liquid liner, and stamp it onto the desired spot. Easy pease!

Now watch this quick hack for nailing a subtle, smoky winged eye.