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46 Kylie Jenner Makeup Names That Double As Perfect Instagram Captions

by Tessa Harvey / Wednesday, 10 January 2018

If there’s one thing I’m sure almost all of us are clued in on about pop culture, it’s how much the Kardashian family slays the style and beauty game. All of the Kardashian and Jenner ladies have managed to make iconic names for themselves and gathered their own individual cult following (thanks, Kris). We all know Kylie Jenner has built an empire of her own with Kylie Cosmetics, which her fans seriously cannot get enough of. Each new release causes an online frenzy to order the latest and greatest gems ASAP, along with the guarantee that at least something is going to be sold out within minutes. The Kylie Jenner makeup names have become a thing, as in people really, really like them.

Products aside, though short and sweet, her makeup names have the creativity game down to a science. Sometimes, the simpler, the better, and they’re downright perfect for that sassy Instagram picture you’ve been planning on posting. From serious, to funny, to just plain catchy, they’re just so good. Seriously, start making a list on your phone ASAP, because you’re going to want to have these on hand for your next post..

Whether it’s a shot of you looking romantic AF with your bae, jammin’ out with the girls on karaoke night, striking your best selfie pose, a boomerang of your sparkly eyeshadow palette, or a shoutout to all the people who are sipping on the haterade, there’s probably a Kylie makeup shade name there that would work just perfectly. Major shocker: There are even a few up in the mix that would pair well with an adorable shot of you and your fur babies. Who would have guessed? The possibilities are truly endless, so go ham.

When you’re ready to see those likes roll in, emulate the makeup queen herself. Pose for that selfie, or drag your BFF out for a full photo shoot. Our girl Kylie (and her shade names) have your back this time. Go crush that caption game with any one of these 46 options. You can thank us later.


1. “In love with the koko.”

2. “Okurrr.”

3. “Damn Gina.”

4. “Wicked.”

5. “Maliboo.”

6. “Take me on vacation.”

7. “Head over heels.”

8. “Brown sugar.”

9. “Boujee.”

10. “Exposed.”

11. “High maintenance.”

12. “Spicy.”


13. “Love bite.”

14. “Vixen.”

15. “Low key.”

16. “Poison berry.”

17. “Red velvet.”

18. “Basic.”

19. “Birthday suit.”

20. “Boy bye.”

21. “Brat.”

22. “Goals.”

23. “Karma.”

24. “Punk.”


25. “Savage.”

26. “Surprise me.”

27. “Angel cake.”

28. “Infatuation.”

29. “Passion.”

30. “Puppy love.”

31. “Amore.”

32. “Trouble maker.”

33. “Red hot.”

34. “Love sick.”

35. “King K.”

36. “Heir.”


37. “Reign.”

38. “Poppin’.”

39. “Hopeless romantic.”

40. “Hot and bothered.”

41. “X-rated.”

42. “Skinny dip.”

43. “Cupid.”

44. “Literally.”

45. “Like.”

46. “So cute.”

So there you have it, folks: 46 Internet-breaking captions based solely off of Kylie’s amazing makeup shades. From Kylighter, to lipstick, to Kyliner, to concealer, there’s a great variety for you to choose from. You have to give it to her — these shades are catchy, trendy, and relatable AF. Even if you haven’t shopped through her collection just yet, you might find a few of your next captions here — and they aren’t overdone. Everyone wins.

It’s clear Kylie Jenner is owning this makeup game to a T. Try out a caption or two, and you won’t be disappointed. Plus, who knows? A caption could gift you some of her Instagram game. Maybe it rolls off onto yours. Either way, your Insta will thank you.

Now, decisions, decisions. Which one will you use?