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4 Questions You Absolutely Must Ask Yourself Before Dyeing Your Hair

by Tonya Russell / Thursday, 02 November 2017

Because few things are worse than a bad dye job.


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A new hair color can really make a statement—for better or for worse. Sometimes a dramatic change (like say, switching from brunette to platinum blonde) can help refresh your look and make you feel more confident and more “you.” But other times, if that color turns out badly (we’re looking at you, chunky highlights)…that change can be more of a nightmare than a dream come true.Brandi Belcher, New Jersey-based stylist and owner of Anuva Salon, wants to save you from a hair-color disaster. Here’s what she says you should consider before your next dye job.
Is my hair healthy?
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Is my hair healthy?

You want your hair to be in good condition, Belcher says—meaning hair that isn’t damaged from heat or over-processed from chemical treatments such as straightening or relaxing hair. “You don’t want to further compromise fragile hair,” Belcher says, since using too many chemicals in a short period of time can weaken and further damage your hair. So if you use lots of hair tools or treatments and notice that you’ve got dry and brittle hair, pause on the hair dye! Belcher recommends talking to your stylist for strategies to strengthen your hair (like trimming split ends or deep conditioning). They also might recommend a semi-permanent color instead to minimize damage if you’re really set on a change.

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Hair Dye Questions
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How long do I want to look like this?

You might want to experiment with a bold new color, but consider how long you want to actually have that look. According to Belcher, red and black dyes are the hardest to remove—so if you just want it for a month or if you hate how it looks, it will be really tough to change and might damage your hair in the process. It might be wise to consider semi-permanent color for more radical changes to see how you like it before fully committing.