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25 Absolute Weirdest Makeup Trends Of 2017 That Will Make You Cringe

by Dora Leung / Thursday, 07 December 2017

Braided brows and metallic freckles.

3. Using as much highlight as humanly possible

I get that glowing skin makes you look youthful and healthy, but damn, Instagram has gone absolutely apeshit for highlight. I can’t say I’m opposed to the trend… but I have to admit, it is pretty weird.

4. Lightning brows

Oh honey, no. You’re trying to slay with your eyebrows, not electrocute.

5. Spider lashes

It’s true. Spider lashes made a comeback when Christian Dior makeup artist, Peter Philips, showcased the look for Dior’s SS18 runway show. I’m not sure how I feel about it.

6. Using a bra insert to apply foundation

Why, just why?! When the Silicone Blender came out, beauty gurus thought that bra inserts would be an ideal subsitute. But really, it just takes three times as long to apply your foundation as a regular makeup sponge and the results aren’t half as good.

7. Feather brows

We love natural, feathery brows. But damn, we didn’t mean brows that actually look like feathers.

8. “Jamsu” face water dunk

The Korean beauty industry is all about beautiful, youthful skin and a young, fresh face. When “Jamsu” became a thing, North America was shocked. Basically, “Jamsu” is when “bake” your face and then submerge it into cold water. Seems like the consensus on Youtube is that it doesn’t work.

9. Lolipop lips

Why would you apply a beautiful coat of lipstick, only to ruin it all after? Lipliner was invented for a reason. Not a fan of the lolipop lip.

10. Holographic lips

Pretty cool, but definitely weird. The holographic hair and nail trend is one thing, but lips?

11. Silly putty highlighter

Farsali came out with the unicorn drops that made Instagram go wild… and then they really outdid themselves with their Jelly Beam Highlighter. But apparently, this stuff is literally gold in jelly form.

12. Reverse winged liner

Yup, I’m just as confused as you are. If this was a Picasso inspired trend, then Picasso would be proud.

13. Glitter roots

cannot lie, I think this looks freaking amazing. But practically speaking, you’re going to be leaving trails of glitter everywhere for days.

14. Black highlighter

Uhm, what happened here? I love Jeffree Star, but when he came out with “black highlighter” earlier this year, I couldn’t help but to question what he was thinking.

15. Rainbow brows

I think 2017 has seen brows of all colours this year, from pink to turquoise to rainbow. Call me a traditionalist, but I can’t say I’m a fan of multicoloured eyebrows.

16. Applying foundation with a condom

Not exactly sure who came up with this idea, but probably taking a hint from the whole silicone blender trend. It’s pretty weird, probably wastes too much foundation, and you definitely could not do this in public.

17. Barbed wire brows

Athena Paginton actually started this trend on Instagram. It was meant to be a joke, but other Instagrammers quickly caught on and replicated the look as well. Thus, the barbed wire brows.

18. Squiggle brows

Promise Tamang is a beauty Youtube OG. When she posted a picture of her “squiggle brows” on Instagram, the internet was shook.

19. Winged liner with a floss pick

This weird beauty hack took Youtube and Instagram by storm. They have been mixed reviews about whether it actually works or not, but tbh, just practice your winged liner and you’ll be fine people! You don’t need this silly hacks.

20. Geode lips

Definitely weird. But personally, definitely stunning AF. I don’t even know what these makeup artists do to make soft lips look hard as rocks. but I do know they’re doing it right.

@Regrann from @roxxbeautyglam – Wavy Brows? Normal Brows? HOW ABOUT BRAIDED BROWS!? . Keep in mind this is just for fun! . Idea credit goes to @erosmua I wasn’t able to figure out the photoshop so why not recreate it!? Lol ♥️ Used: @anastasiabeverlyhills Dip Brow Pomade in Chocolate @lagirlcosmetics Pro-Conceal Concealer in Natural @bebellacosmetics Bent Liner Brush 134 @elfcosmetics Spoolie Brush Song – Martin Garrix – There for you (remix) #braidedbrows #wavybrows #normalbrows #braidbrows #videotutorial #abhjunkies #anastasiabeverlyhills #anastaciabrows #hypnaughtypower #hypnaughtymakweup #wakeupandmakeup #carvedbrows #browroutine #makegirlz #make4glam #wakeup2slay #discovervideos #shimycatsmua #maryhadalittleglam #xmakeuptutsx #makeuptutorialsx0x #fakeupfix #fakeupfix #makeupfanatic1 #makeupdolls #undiscovered_muas #discovervideos #makeupartistworldwide #hudabeauty #peachyqueenblog

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21. Braided brows

I have no words, lol. Definitely weird AF, but dang, if you can make your eyebrows look like you braided them, good on ya.

22. The wet hair look

Kim Kardashian is the goddess of all things extra, and this wet hair look is nothing less than that. And anything Kim does, the world follows. I don’t know how she pulls off the look, but when I walk out of the shower, I definitely don’t look that.

23. Carved brows

Accentuating your eyebrows with concealer and highlight is one thing, but literally carving them out with eyeshadow? I’m not so sure.

24. Crown eyeshadow

Literally for the queens of Instagram. When Marissa Melhorn rolled out on Instagram with this eyeshadow look, all the other queens followed.

Simple Girl Next Door Glam P R O D U C T S // @farsalicare unicorn essence @maybelline color correcting pen @hudabeauty #fauxfilterfoundation in Macchiato and Brown Sugar @benefitcosmetics #benefitbrows ka-brow @shophudabeauty rose gold eyeshadow palette @tartecosmetics shape tape concealer in Tan @toofaced born this way setting powder @katvondbeauty shade and light palette @hudabeauty Samantha lashes @kkwbeauty contour and highlight palette @ladyburgundy liquid lipstick in Maha @tartecosmetics liquid lip paint in TBT @anastasiabeverlyhills Glow kit #wakeupandmakeup #tarte #hudabeauty #toofaced #farsali #makeup #tutorial #diy #instatut #beauty #makeuptutorial #wtfbeautyhacks #1minutemakeup #beautylook #benefitcosmetics #allmodernmakeup #makeupclips #eyeblogbeauty #hairmakeupdiary #makegirlz #beautyqueens4ever #melformakeup #transformation #peachyqueenblog #kkwbeauty #hudabeautyfauxfilter #fauxfilter

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25. Red lipstick as primer

Some beauty gurus swear by this, others say it completely ruins your makeup. Whatever the verdict, I’m not sure I’m comfortable with red lipstick going on my face.