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10 Makeup Tips for Every Step of Your Routine

by Emily / Monday, 04 December 2017
And the most common mistakes people make.
Jenn Streicher Makeup Tips31

Even if you don’t live in Los Angeles, chances are you’ve heard of the Streicher Sisters, a trio behind some of Hollywood’s most glam red carpet looks and actresses, from Mandy Moore to Emily Blunt. A few weeks ago, I visited Jenn Streicher at their Beverly Hills studio, Striiike, to grab some of her tips for everyday makeup, from primer to foundation to lashes. Read on, below!

1. Primer isn’t a one-size-fits-all product.

Jenn Streicher Makeup Tips4

While Jenn applies regular primer to most of her clients, she varies the type she uses, reserving her use of “radiance primers,” or primers and luminizers with a shimmery finish. “It’s a fine line between oily and dewy,” she said, “Only apply luminizers where you need it.” On me, she used it to highlight my cheekbones and bridge of my nose, then let it set before applying more makeup.

2. As soon as you apply a base layer on your face, do your eyes.

Jenn Streicher Makeup Tips10

After you apply primer and before you apply foundation, do your eyes. This gives your skin time to absorb your primer but, more importantly, allows you to be less precious when applying your eye makeup. If shadow falls to your cheekbone, you can simply wipe it away with a wipe or damp towel, without the fear of messing up your foundation.

3. Think of below-the-eye color as “contouring for your eye”

Jenn Streicher Makeup Tips12

“People are afraid of putting color underneath their eyes,” Jenn said, “but I think it’s a must for everyone.” It works like a contour for your eye, distinguishing your eye area from the rest of your face. To apply shadow here, she dipped her finger into a cream shadow and used her finger to smudge it on.

4. If makeup is creasing, use less of it.

Jenn Streicher Makeup Tips18

One of the most common questions Jenn receives as a makeup artist is how to avoid creasing. In this case, she says, less product is more. To apply coverup, she uses her finger, since the warmth of it thins it out. After applying it, she’ll go over it with a Beauty Blender, dampened with water or spritzed with Caudalie.

5. When applying foundation, work in small areas.

Jenn Streicher Makeup Tips16

If you apply all of your foundation at once, you run the risk of it drying before you’ve had a chance to go over it with a Beauty Blender. Instead, use your hands or a brush to apply your foundation in small areas (on each cheek, then on your forehead, and chin/nose), blending as you go.

6. If you can see your powder on your face, you’ve used too much of it.

Jenn Streicher Makeup Tips20

One of the most common mistakes people make with powder is applying too much of it. Jenn said, “The Youtube videos, where women apply excessive powder then wipe it off, are all wrong.” Once you dip your brush or puff into the powder, tap it so that excess falls off, then press and roll the puff onto your skin. The powder should set the makeup, not make your skin look completely matte.

7. Use tinted brow gel before your pencil.

Jenn Streicher Makeup Tips25

To use less brow pencil, and create the illusion of a naturally full brow, Jenn first applies a tinted gel, then uses a pencil to go over the areas that need a little extra filling.

8. Hook the velour puff onto your pinky to avoid smearing your foundation.

Jenn Streicher Makeup Tips22

Once you’ve applied foundation and powder, the last thing you want to do is mess it up. To keep everything in place, take an applicator (it can be the same one you used for your powder), and hook it around your pinky to use as a buffer between your hand (the oils of which can get into your skin and irritate it) and your cheek.

9. Use a credit card when you do your lashes for more lift and curl.

Jenn Streicher Makeup Tips24

Rather than using a conventional curler, Jenn uses an old credit card when she applies mascara, which allows her to lift the lid slightly to reach the roots of the lashes, create a slight natural-looking curve, and guard the mascara from getting on the eye shadow.

10. Apply liner after lipstick for more of a natural look.

Jenn Streicher Makeup Tips26

While most people apply lipliner, then color in the lines, Jenn applies the lipstick first. By applying the liner second, it doesn’t create such a harsh line and makes it look even more natural while keeping lipstick into place.