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This Teeth Nail Art Is Total Nightmare Fuel

by / Friday, 18 May 2018

Savor the person you were before you clicked on this article because you will not be the same when you finish reading it. Rest in Peace to your previous self. This is a trend that looks like it came straight from a horror film and, thanks to BoredPanda, we get to suffer through it together. It’s called Teeth-Nails and it looks exactly how it sounds. This biting nail art looks like it’s about to be in the next Insidious film; it’s a design only a dentist could love.

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Nail Sunny, a Russian nail-art chain, is known for coming up with freaky acrylic nails, but this has crossed the line. They posted a video of their abomination on Instagram asking their followers “yay or nay?” The consensus has been a resounding nope, so my faith in humanity has been restored.

This teeth-nail trend looks like it’s about to be introduced by the Crypt Keeper in Tales from the Crypt. And as mentioned, this isn’t the first strange nail art by Nail Sunny. Check out these nose-nails:

Beard nails to impress your men 🤣 lol – YAY OR NAY?

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I can’t with these.

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Or these Black Panther-inspired nails:

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Nail Sunny has a Los Angeles location opening soon, so get ready for some of these strange nails to make their appearance on Sunset Boulevard.

We got through this together, but you can never return to a time when you didn’t know these teeth-nails existed. Welcome to the new you. How disturbed are you by these teeth-nails?