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Troian Bellisario Just Dyed Her Hair Millennial Peach

by Rachel Nussbaum / Wednesday, 08 November 2017


PHOTO: Desiree Navarro

Let’s be real: At this point, millennial pink is a little done. We’ll always love the color that briefly took over every aspect of our lives, but the world’s moved onto bigger and better things. Millennial pink is dead; long live millennial peach, especially because Troian Bellisario just dyed her whole head the pinky-orange color. In all seriousness (or as much seriousness as you can have while talking about a color named “millennial peach”), it actually looks really great.

Given how quickly most celebrities change up their look, it’s easy to be a cynic and cry “wig” when it comes to drastic dye jobs. But times are changing, and recently there’s been an uptick in stars following through on their colorful looks (or less colorful, as far as Ariana Grande’s silvery switch goes). From the look of Troian’s dark brown roots and her caption, which reads “🍑 baby,” it seems like this is a real deal change. We’re not entirely convinced yet, because some sleuthing reveals that her longtime hairstylist, David Stanwell, hasn’t posted any photos of a switch. So he could be in on the game and keeping quiet, or, this could just be a realistically dyed wig—featuring roots to really throw everyone off.


🍑 baby.

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Only time will tell, but two things are for sure. One, that peach is actually a gorgeous color to dye your hair. It might be the lighting, but it’s like the shade casts an ultra-flattering glow on Troian’s skin, much like an IRL color-brightening filter (the dream). The photos from when Lady Gaga went peach confirm it: going peach gives your skin a warm glow, no bronzer needed. The second sure fact: Troian can do what she wants, obvisouly, but we’re personally hoping the bob doesn’t mean her gorgeous curls are gone for good.