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A make-up artist on the easiest way to wear bright colours in summer

by Remy Rippon / Monday, 29 January 2018

Victoria Baron, official make-up artist for Chanel Australia shares her foolproof tips for incorporating summer hues (albeit subtly) into your existing beauty regimen.

How should we be changing up our make-up regimen for summer?
It’s a time to have fun with makeup and explore something new that isn’t sitting at the top of our every day makeup selection. Adding an accent of colour, combined with healthy glowing skin is the key to the perfect summer makeup.

What are some tips for people who are perhaps afraid to try bold colours?
For eyes, keep the application of colour close to the lash line and blend it out to where you feel comfortable. If it’s too much you can always use a clean finger to remove where you have gone wrong. Swap your usual go-to black or brown liner for a green liner like Chanel’s Stylo Yeux Waterproof in Nero Vulcanico or Mare-Chiaro. It creates a refreshing difference for a summer inspired look. Or, if you aren’t confident to pull off a sharp bold lip you can always apply the colour then blot it down with a tissue and blur the edges with a cotton tip for a softer easy to wear effect.

What’s your top tip for applying colour to eyes?
l like to apply Ombre Première Crème with my finger, in the centre of the eye first and close to the lash line, then blend outwards. Then using a brush upside down or to the side (so you can see where you are aiming), it’s easy to add a second layer of shadow that isn’t too far up the lid. Staying close to the lash line is key on both top and bottom lids so that you can blend outwards according to your eye shape.

Any suggestions for keeping lip colour in place all evening?
A bright lip colour always stays best on a hydrated exfoliated lip. Create your shape with a lip pencil over the whole lip and add your colour. Ensure the skin around the lip isn’t oily or too moisturised to prevent bleeding. Try using a touch of loose powder to the edges before application.