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18 Genius Hair And Makeup Hacks Celeb Stylists Swear By

by Sophie Boyden / Tuesday, 17 April 2018

What’s better than learning beauty hacks from your favourite celebs? Learning from their glam squad, of course.

They’re the masters of the perfect cat eye flick, the smouldering eyeshadow and the flawlessly blended contour and we’re more than ready to learn their ways.

1. On nailing the perfect curl…

Hairstylist to Chrissy Teigen, Bella Hadid and the Kardashians, Jen Atkin told Glamour: “The secret to holding your wand or straighteners to achieve the perfect curl is to hold your iron horizontal or vertical to achieve different types of curls. The simple key to nailing the perfect curl each time is to be consistent with the angle you’re holding your iron at to keep the curls looking cohesive.”

2. On creating the illusion of bigger eyes…

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Hung Vanngo – the mastermind behind Selena Gomez, Emily Ratajkowski and Taylor Hill’s red carpet looks – told Savoirflair: “There are a number of ways to make small eyes look a bit bigger. One of my favourite techniques is to extend eyeshadow outward from the corner of the eye, blending it well. Doing this can really make eyes look bigger than they really are!”

3. On contouring like a Kardashian…

People even thought Khloe had had a nose job thanks to MUA Joyce Boyelli’s insane contouring. She shared her top contouring tips with Hello!: “Go two or three shades lighter than you think when choosing a contour colour. I use both cream and powder, depending on the lighting and situation, but for every day I love using a few different shades of foundation to contour and then layering on a bronzer to help define areas.

Of course, blending is everything. I personally like using brushes to blend, but no matter what you use, always apply less product than you think and build up from there.

4. On taking care of your skin…

Charlotte Tilbury told Harpers Bazaar UK: “I take incredibly good care of my skin because you can’t have a beautiful painting without a beautiful canvas.” She swears by a Clarisonic skin brush with her brand’s Multi-Miracle Glow cleanser, plus her Goddess Skin Clay Mask before moisturizing with her renowned Magic Cream.

5. On your eyeshadow holding the key to all-day staying power…

Kim K’s long-time MUA Mario Dedivanovic revealed to “I like to apply a very light sheer layer of cream shadow on the eyelids first to build intensity. Once I apply the powder shadow after it, it really is gonna be bulletproof and last all day.”

6. On creating a flawless, dewy base…

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Patrick Ta revealed the secrets behind Gigi Hadid’s flawless complexion to Teen Vogue: “If you want a natural foundation that lasts longer, use long-wear foundation but mix it with moisturizer.”

He also says to add a few drops of oil in with your foundation if your skin is feeling extra dry – his fave products include La Mer Renewal Oil and La Mer Moisturising Cream. Lastly, make sure you “powder only in your t-zone to leave the perimeter of your face looking fresh and dewy.” Genius.

7. On reviving your dull, damaged hair…

Chris Appleton – who is the man behind the mane of celebs like Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande and Rita Ora – says to make sure you’re using the right kind of protection on your hair before blow-drying or styling hair. “There are some blow dry sprays that have alcohol as an ingredient which dries out the hair more,” he warns.

To enhance and care for coloured hair in the winter, Chris advises: “Using Olaplex while colouring and after colour is key, it helps restore the bonds. Use the at home treatment for ten minutes as often as possible. Also, change how often you wash it. Blonde hair doesn’t need to be washed as much!”

8. On covering up blemishes without caking on the makeup…

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Hung Vango revealed To Savoirflair: “Just because you have problem skin doesn’t necessarily mean you need full coverage all over your face. You can use a little foundation and then go back and conceal problem areas after, making sure to blend into the surrounding skin for a seamless finish. This way you’re getting the same effect, but with less product.”

9. On highlighting like a pro…

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“Shine in the right places is key! Shine placed high on the cheekbones will look fresh and modern, but be sure to keep the sides of the nose, the centre of the forehead, and under the eyes, matte,” Pat McGrath revealed to Savoir Flair.

She added: “Achieve perfected baby skin by highlighting not only the cheekbones but also the inner-eye corners, your Cupid’s bow, down the bridge of your nose, and a touch on the chin for angelic dimension. Take your highlighter down to the collarbones, on the tops of your shoulders, and down the center of your arms and legs for supermodel sheen.”

10. On changing your eye shape with eyeshadow…

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Kylie Jenner’s MUA Ariel Tejada revealed to Elle that you can change your eye shape, simply by varying your eyeshadow: “If you want to give your eyes a more almond shape you can go ahead and darken the outer corners of the eyelid.

If you want to give it a more rounded shape you round out the colours along with your eye shape. Bronzey, warm-brown eyeshadows are kind of my signature look. It’s pretty universal; you can never go wrong with natural colours.”

11. On turning freshly washed hair into a sexy tousled look…

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Lou Teasdale told Elle: “My new favourite tool is a good old ’80s diffuser. Mousse, and then diffuse to get that grungy, beachy, undone-but-done look. Even when I’m doing topknots or braids, I’ll muss it up with my fingers before I finish it.”

12.  On saving precious time in the morning…

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Ashley Graham, Kristen Stewart and Alessandra Ambrosio’s makeup artist Beau Nelson told E!: “Use products that multitask. Things like crème blushes that can be used on lips as well save time and coordinate makeup seamlessly.”

13.  On adding dimension to your face…

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“If you don’t like contouring, highlighting will bring dimension to your face without looking harsh,” Patrick Ta revealed to Teen Vogue.

14. On avoiding heavy products if you’ve got curly hair…

Hairstylist Vernon Francois revealed the secret to taming your curly locks to “It’s a myth that kinky, coily or curly hair need heavy or greasy products. Heavy formulas can weight down hair and block follicles.

It’s much better to let the natural bounce and movement of the hair shine through with products that are rich in nutrients but light in consistency so they can easily work through the hair’s true texture.”

15. On refreshing your makeup…

“When I am working with a client all day and I want to refresh her makeup halfway through (this is also great when you’ve worked all day and need to go out that night but have no time to redo your makeup), instead of layering on more makeup, I will use a makeup wipe and just dab under the eyes and the fold of the nose (or anywhere you crease)—use a dampened beauty blender and stipple it around the area with a light moisturizer.

I then add the concealer and stipple again to blend seamlessly into the rest of the makeup. This gives your makeup an instantly refreshed look without having to remove all your makeup,” revealed celeb MUA Coleen Campbell-Olwell who has worked with Kate Mara.

16. On increasing pigment in your lippy….

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Kate Lee who has glammed up celebs like Dakota Johnson told New Beauty: “Use oil-blotting sheets to blot lipstick. They remove all the oils and waxes from the first application of lipstick, but leave behind the pigment, so when you apply the second time you have twice as much pigment forestay-put lips!”

17. On tattoo aftercare…

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Celeb Tattoo Artist Kevin King told InStyle: “Basically, you just want to keep it clean, use antibacterial soap, and keep it moisturized. You want to stay away from any scented stuff during the early care stages. Also, don’t do things that will cause friction on the tattoo, like heavy lifting at a gym.”

18. On using colours to complement different skin tones…

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Nick Barose – who has worked with Brie Larson, Alicia Vikander and Lupita Nyong’o – spoke to Vogue about how to work with shades to complement your skin tone.

To add warmth to fair skin, he reveals: “Ditch the bronzer this summer — it can easily streak in the heat when used on fairer skin tones. Instead, opt for warm peach, orange, or coral-toned blushes to bring warmth to your complexion without looking too fake or obvious. These shades look much more natural on fair skin, and the low-key effect is ideal for warmer weather”.