15 Dainty Piercing Ideas for Ears and Body

by Sue Williamson / Friday, 25 August 2017

From this summer’s obsession with pierced braids to the latest constellation craze, ear and body piercings have never been cooler. And we’re not talking about the over-the-top dangling earrings and rhinestone studs that have defined piercings in the past — these days, it’s all about minimal, dainty pieces that enhance your features instead of covering them up. But, choosing the right piercing can take some research, time, and — if you’re needle-phobic — a little pep talk or two. No matter what piercing is on your personal to-do list, the first step should always be research. To help you out in your piercing pursuits, we’ve rounded up 15 flawless ear piercings, so click ahead for tons of inspiration.