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11 Pennywise’ Makeup Tutorials For Women That Are Actually Glam

by Kali Borovic / Tuesday, 03 October 2017


It’s the most wonderful — and creepy — time of the year: Halloween. If you want to experiment with makeup and pretend to be someone else for a day, this is the season for you. With the remake of Stephen King’s It released just in time for Halloween, it’s already a given that Pennywise will be the costume of the season.

Thankfully, there are tons of versions of the clown that are perfect for fans and makeup lovers alike. These 11 glam Pennywise makeup tutorials will get you read for the holiday. Because a little glitter with a side of gore never hurt anyone.

When it comes to mastering the perfect Halloween costume, it’s all about the right amount of scary and glam. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate spook factor or are just looking to add a touch of right to your everyday routine, there’s a Pennywise tutorial for you. That’s the magic of YouTube, my friends.

Yes, everyone and their brother, err, sister might be going as the spooky killer clown for the holiday, but there’s a way to make yours float above them all. These tutorials range from hauntingly gorgeous to subtle glam, so there’s something for everyone.

The best part is that there’s a good chance that you already everything you need hiding in your makeup bag. All you need is some black liner, white concealer, and some red glitter to make Pennywise come to life. After that, just throw on a frilly white shirt and you’re good to go!

Now, without further ado, here’s every glam Pennywise makeup tutorial you could possibly need for some solid inspo.

1. Non-Glitter Glam

If you’re into bold brows and great lashes, this is the tutorial for you. If nothing else, use it as a way to nail the red and black smokey eye for everyday wear.

2. Glitter-Filled Glam

With a YouTube name like Glam & Gore, you already know this makeup artist comes through with the tutorials. This look captures everything about the movie, while adding a little extra sparkle as well. Okay, a lot extra sparkle.

3. Slightly More Wearable

I love that this tutorial combines some of the best makeup trends of the year — smudged lipstick and bold brow — while still sticking to inspiration. Plus the slightly red nose is the most wearable clown nose I’ve ever seen.

4. Pin-Up Pennywise

Can’t decide whether you want a classic or trendy Halloween costume? This all-matte look give a quirky take on the horror film character by combing the two into one.

5. You’ll Float Too Liner

This is the perfect way to nail a Halloween trend while still looking high glam. Spoiler alert: The YouTuber doesn’t use any eyeshadow for the look.

6. Gradient Color

I know Pennywise is supposed to be spooky and all, but this tutorial is seriously mesmerizing. Between the ombré color and the metallic lip, this look is on trend and terrifyingly gorgeous.

7. It Girl

This tutorial is simple and glam all at the same time. With or without blood, you’ll nail your costume with help from this YouTuber.

8. Freckled Pennywise

If Pennywise was featured in Vogue, this is the look that it would be. Everything from the 3D add-ons to the subtle freckles is stunning and scary all at the same time.

9. Contoured Clown

In this It-inspired scenario, Pennywise blinds the children with her highlight and slays with her structured cheekbones. How’s that for a plot twist?

10. Polka-Dotted Pennywise

While this makeup is stunning, it’s also slightly less technical than the rest. Even beginners can nail this look.

11. Charmingly Scary

These red brows are absolutely everything. This is perfect if you’re looking to still be spooky but come through with the glam.